About: 早海さんと呼ばれる日 (Becoming Mrs. Hayami) – Part 2: The Specials

s1Heyho, my tiddly chummies!!! As I promised you, I am back with the second part of my newest favourite dorama, Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi. As we all know, and as I wrote in the part one of my super bombastic long review (6,861 words, but who’s counting eh? Lol…), this drama has wrapped up itself in a good complete ending. But still, there are couple loose ends that still remain untied, in-conclude, and unrevealed by the time the last episode’s credit starts to roll; like: Will mom and dad ever reconciled? What’s the next stage for Kenji’s and Aki’s relationship? How about Kaoru and his pâtissier dream? Well, dun cha worry, ma child, cos any of these questions are gonna get their answers in the SP. Or should I say SPs, cos this drama has two parts of special episodes, which means double the feel-goodness of the Hayami family. Everybody say Whoop! Whoop! *hands up* hahaha… Okay, let’s just rollin’!!! Swooosh!!!

(Warning: Supah dupah spoilerish!!! Risk your own riskkkk!!!)

SP #01: Love; Reigniting, Growing, and Blossoming

y-kThe first SP is more to a continuation of what the drama has left off on the final episode. Anddddd, to add more hoo to the woohoo, this SP also has one major theme that we can summed and dubbed as “It’s all about Laph, Lurve, and Looooove…” cos everyone is literally in rabu rabu mode, including our himono boy Kaoru. Gee golly, this is gonna be soooo fricken interesting!!! Wheeeheeheeee… *hand rubbing* Well, let’s backtrack and summarize it one by one to make it a lot more… digestable. The last episode of HYH ends with Kyoichi and Yuriko make up, and she returns to the house; which makes Kenji, Kaoru and Yuzo so happy and relieve, and dad feels proud towards Kyoichi, for he’s able to put aside his inferiority and do what a good husband and a real man should do; which is to make the first move and save the marriage. proudSome time has passed by and everyone is in good terms with each other. Kyoichi and Yuriko are more in love than before; Kenji has found a permanent job and works diligently; while Kaoru is in the midst of his pâtissier school, and Yuzo is enjoying his youth with his BFF, Tsubasa.

01.1. Mom and Dad s9On the last episode in the drama, mom left the coffee shop with a vague answer to dad’s ‘proposal’ for another chance. And now dad is back to the square one with mom, as they restart their relationship in the courtship phase all over again. And the scene where dad is so nervous but tries to act cool when mom arrives is just so awww…. Dad tries to ask mom to come to the house to celebrate their wedding anniversary; but unfortunately, mom is having an exhibition on the same day and she invites him along, which he accepts happily.boyfriendAnd so the D-day comes and dad is walking to the gallery with swag, until he overhears from the receptionists that mom has an admirer, which is an old wrinkly stylish artist slash university art professor named Yoshikawa, whom people around mom starts to called him as mom’s boyfriend, which makes dad goes ballistic in jealousy. And in the end, dad vent all his angst towards the family… again. What a vicious vicioussss cycle, eh?old men rivalryThen one chance, Yoshikawa is coming to the Guatemala to meet dad and God only knows what in the world they’re gonna talk about. Gosh… love surely knows no boundaries… or age. Heheh…

01.2. Kyoichi & Yuriko
Meanwhile, the lovey-dovey period is not last long for Kyoichi and Yuriko either, as Kyoichi gets in charge to be a new project leader again, and this time he has to work together with his long time no see-ex girlfriend, Miyazawa Eiko (Uchida Yuki).s5This new partnership of course makes both Kyoichi and Eiko feels awkward towards each other, cos it’s been yearssss since the last time they had been in a relationship and broke up; cos Eiko decided to move to France and open up her own company there. And to make things more complicated, Eiko not surprisingly still harbors a feeling towards Kyoichi. And Kyoichi’s co-worker slash Yuriko’s BFF who witness all of this just can’t stay mum about it, so she called Yuriko to blab all about Kyoichi’s new project partner.uneasyYuriko, who heard about this, feels uneasy and worry all at once, cos she knows that old spark could be reignited in just a snap when two former lovers meet again. But Yuriko decides not to say anything to Kyoichi, because she wants to test his honesty; about whether he wants to open up about it or not. But anxiety is not an easy thing to overcome, especially when the brother in law Kenji tells Yuriko that every man tends to have a special place inside his heart for his exes. And Kenji (unintentionally) emphasizing it more at dinner time by saying that nothing more exciting than to have a rekindled old flame. That words were meant for dad who starts to date mom again, but it makes Kyoichi almost choke himself to death when he heard that. Lol…choked upWell, this obstacle could be an easy peasy and no problemo thing to get through for Kyoichi and Yuriko, if only Kyoichi starts by being honest with his wife from the get go. The problem is, Kyoichi thinks he doesn’t want to create an unnecessary conflict by telling about this to Yuriko, cos he doesn’t want her to start worry and questioning things. But ironically, Yuriko thinks it as the other way around, for she assumes that the reason why Kyoichi didn’t want to say anything is because he still have some feeling and soft spot for Eiko; and this unwitting misunderstanding starts to create the distance between the married couple.drunkAnother small bump that exacerbates this whole Kyoichi-Eiko reunion debacle is that Kyoichi is just too damn kind-hearted. Being a nice guy to your ex is an A-okay; being a married nice guy to your ex is a whollllle different tang. Kyoichi never sets any boundaries with Eiko that would indicate or indirectly tells her that “hey I’m a married man now, I can’t accompany you to drink and drunk till midnight cos I dun wanna make ma wifey worry”. Heckkkkkk, he’s not even open up his yap to tell Eiko, until the woman herself notices the wedding band on his left hand finger. Gosh, Kyoichi, yer such a spineless man, I just wanna slap the sense out of you sometimes… MAN UP you gerddammit!!! *facepalming*

boohoo... I dun care...
boohoo… cry me a river… of idc…

And of course, what is an ex girlfriend’s role in the drama if not for being a b*tch to the wifey, eh? So, one time Eiko coincidentally meets Yuriko in a restaurant–as in speak of the devil kind of encounter, y’know, being talked about and suddenly show up kinda thing–and they have lunch together, which along the conversation, Eiko figuratively talks about Kyoichi and how goooood he was as a boyfriend back then. And she’s spreading a venomenal lies by telling Yuriko that Kyoichi once thought about marrying her, which makes Yuriko looks surprise…in a bad way. Durrr…

Gerd, seriously, what did Kyoichi made of till he got to be contested over by these two purrty ladies? *smh*
seriously, what IS Kyoichi till he got to be contested over by these two purrty ladies? *smh*

And surely, as we can predict, this lunch talk brings a new kind of negative energy to the already perturbed Yuriko, which makes her finally questioning Kyoichi about why he comes home late and with whom he had spent his working hours with. And when Kyoichi answers that it was with his boss, Chief Okada; Yuriko knows that it’s an absolute lie, for she was just told at lunch by her senpai that Chief Okada is on a business trip to Seoul. And Kyoichi’s can only get silent in a pang cos he can’t making up more excuses. There, Yuriko finally tells him everything that she already knew; about his project partner is Eiko, that they were used to date and so on. And dad, who also in the living room with them, is uttering words out of his frustration over mom, that clearly means nothing but to worsen the condition as Yuriko leaves them all and shut herself in the room.pep talkBut then dad tries to talk it up to Yuriko, and he let himself into the room and showing her all the wedding photos of her and Kyoichi, and also the photos of the family picnic some time ago. Then dad straightforwardly gives Yuriko a nugget of advice as he tells her, “Even if he (Kyoichi) had tens, hundreds of women in the past, that itty bitty guy’s wife is you, and you alone. But if you still think all these can’t measure up to his memories with that woman, if your marriage can get rattled by something like that, then let the woman have that husband of yours!” These words clearly bring around Yuriko’s sense, and make her realize that she had gotten herself caught up too much on Kyoichi’s past.pep talk 2Meanwhile on the Kyoichi’s side, Kenji is the one that talk him out as he says that Kyoichi is being too nice and was lulled away by the whole feeling of being needed and relied on by his ex-girlfriend. But the point is, he can’t have them both; loving the wife, but also cherishing memories with the ex. Cos in the end, no woman would buy such thing. And Yuzo adds that all of them are half-arsed guys for not being able to accomplished what’s need to be done. To which makes Kyoichi, Kenji and Kaoru realize that they are indeed that way and they don’t want to be like that forever.introductionSo on the next day, Kyoichi decides to straighten things out by inviting Yuriko to attend the project toys launching show that he’s been working on with Eiko and there Kyoichi properly introduce Yuriko to Eiko and also the other way around. And there Eiko tells Yuriko that she lied about Kyoichi wanted to marry her, and she also tells Yuriko that she’s gonna go back to France on the same day.yuri-eiYuriko, feels sorry for Eiko, is asking Kyoichi to go after Eiko and bid a proper farewell to her, since somehow Yuriko knows that it’s something that Kyoichi wants to do right at that moment. And so Kyoichi runs to Eiko, says his goodbye and gets a sudden kiss on the cheek which makes him feels guilty cos it seems like he just cheat on Yuriko. Gawwtt, what a ninny… Lol…a cheeky cheat

01.3. Kenji & Aki
Kyoichi’s story aside, the SP also has it’s quite fair share for Kenji’s romance with Aki. Despite their story part only take a small amount of the total screen time; truth be told, Kenji and Aki are the only couple that make the biggest leap in their relationship among everyone else in this episode; as currently they’re already on a serious stage. In fact, Kenji is planning on proposing Aki, as he already marked the date on his agenda and arranging a proposal plan, which was dubbed by everyone in the house as a showa era type of proposal for it’s cliche and old fashioned. (And the way Kenji say the world “situation” is just so Lololol…)no loserBut despite the smooth sailing of the said relationship, Kenji actually still battling his inner conflict as he questioning himself about whether or not marriage really matters, if in the end he only has to face confusion and quarrel like Kyoichi has experienced with Yuriko because of Eiko. But after a bit of wake up call from Yuzo, Kenji starts to focus back on what’s important the most and this time he won’t run away from it.s15The Kenji’s Showa era way of proposing to Aki is in fact very classic and sweet, and this scene is also one of the best scenes in the SP. So, basically, Kenji proposal’s plan starts as he takes Aki and Hinata to the fancy restaurant, acting like it’s just another day for another usual dinner date. But actually, Kenji asked the waiter beforehand to put the ring into the shortcake that Aki’s gonna eat as the desert. But the problem arise as Hinata starts to whine about how he doesn’t want the chocolate cake that was given to him. So, to cheer Hinata, Aki decides to trade the cake, which makes Kenji goes trepidated.s16And turns out Kenji’s biggest fear is coming true as Hinata choked up on the ring that makes the clueless Aki panic and the already knew-Kenji is telling Hinata to spit it out, and Hinata did, as the ring is canon-diving into Aki’s glass.s17Aki then takes it out and feels surprise, as she can only stare at Kenji; waiting for the proper words to come out from his mouth. And Kenji got himself stutter in nervousness at the beginning, but then he gather up his courage and say the three magic words:s18Aki just stay silent. She doesn’t want to make the decision selfishly, so she’s looking at Hinata, waiting for her lil boy’s approval, and it doesn’t take long for Hinata to make the ‘OK’ sign to his mom.s19And then, without hesitation, Aki is nodding yes towards Kenji proposal, which makes Hinata screams “Yay!” in excitement and everyone in the restaurant give them a congratulatory applause.s20Awww… this scene is cute, cute, cute!!! Every bit of is is executed in a simple and sweet manner. And what I really love from this part is how the drama manage to assure us that in the end Aki is no longer rejecting Kenji to take part in Hinata’s life, since turns out Kenji is sincerely in love with Aki and genuine in having this relationship with her. Beside, as a viewers, there is no bigger elation than to watch your drama OTP are finally getting married!!! Hitch hitch hooraaah!!! *throwing confetti*proposal

01.4. Kaoru???
What could be more exciting and squee-worthy than to see our geek-boy is in love for the first time with a kawaii-girl who wears a kawaii hairstyle and loves to bake kawaii cookies??!! Oh-ho-ho… Kaoru, sweetie, you win me again this time with your social awkwardness *wink wink* So the story of Kaoru’s romance starts by the time he is called by his fellow pâtissier school student named Aihara Nozomi (Kojima Fujiko) who suddenly ask him to walk home together; much to Kaoru’s surprise; and he questioning why Aihara would want to go together with him. Aihara simply answers Kaoru that he piqued her curiosity, to which Kaoru reaction is only “Huh?!” Lol…s7At first, Kaoru reacts nonchalantly about this matter, since he doesn’t have any feeling towards Aihara. But he can’t help to brag it out a little in front of the whole family at dinner time, which makes everyone practically dropping their jaws in flabbergast by the reality of Kaoru finally managed to snatch a girl despite his zero charm and appeal. Lol…ehBut after that, the stoic Kaoru keeps feeling flat towards Aihara. It is until one time Aihara comes visit the Guatemala to see what kind of coffee shop that is and have a talk with Kaoru who’s working at that moment. As Kaoru about to say that he’s not interested in dating her, Aihara tells him that the shop brings her a nostalgic feeling as her parents used to run a shop like this too and her mother loves to bake her cookies, which motivates her to learn of becoming a pâtissier as she is now. And when Kaoru sees Aihara’s smile, he starts to let his guard down a bit.kaoru 1st luvBut one destined moment arrives, in a shape of sweets, as in the school; while everyone is assigned to make cookies, Aihara walks to Kaoru’s station to show him her finished product, along with her bright smile, which mesmerizes Kaoru and he’s subconsciously beaming when seeing Aihara’s cheerful face.charmed by cookiesAnd then he suddenly feels the first doki doki moment in his entire nerdy jaded life; as he flatly mumbles, “Huh? Something hurts” while clutching on his chest. Lol…s12But Kaoru, as a minted and inexperienced lover-boy, feels hesitant to utter his feeling to Aihara. So he decided to keep it all as secret to himself. That is until Yuzo’s words makes Kaoru realizes that he doesn’t want to be a loser who’s unable to fall in love anymore. So he muster up his courage and make the cutest and biggest love cookie ever for his first crush.s21And by the time he gives her the cookies, Kaoru is figuratively confessing his feeling by indicating that he wants to date Aihara since she’s the one that like him first and making the first move by asking him to walk home together at that day. Ermageerrrd… the overconfident Kaoru is so pricelessly hilariousssss. And the scene of
Kaoru said to Aihara, “Okay” and Aihara is so confuse, she can only replies, “huh?” and he said again, “sure” and she ask him, “sure?” Then Kaoru proudly smiles and hubristicly says, “I’ll go out with you.” is just so ahahaha!!!s23And Aihara just going zonk in shock towards Kaoru’s nonsense words, which is so Lmao.s24But Aihara is still composed enough to clarify the whole thing by saying to Kaoru that he’s simply piqued her curiosity and nothing more than that, and she feels bad to have misled Kaoru all this time. And Kaoru, who is soooo confident a minute ago, can only react “Ehhh?” in shame.s25As love had come so fast without notice, it has gone so fast either in a blink of an eye. And Kaoru was proven to have experienced his first love and also his first heart-break of rejection at the same period of time. And he choose to eat his feeling away, as the wallowing food is no other than his own giant love cookie. Awww… what a poor lad… hahaha…s26After watching the bumbling idiocy of the namby Kyoichi; Kenji’s and Kaoru’s story parts feel like a nice breeze that’s freshen and lighten up the whole episode, for both of them gave a good doze of romantic comedy. Kenji’s proposal to Aki is a one d’awww scene, while the love rejection of Kaoru has made me laugh my ulcer off in sympathy for the boy. And in this episode, dad and mom story is the least priority, but none of their scenes could be dubbed as fillers.

SP #02: Ties, Lies, and A Birthday Surprise

dadAnd that is why the second SP is focusing 100% of the whole durations for dad, and it’s more like detachment from all the debacles that happening in the prior episodes. The storyline too is very simple and lightweight, as it starts with dad who likes to complain over his stomach pain that occurs quite often these past few days.ouchBut his sons act indifferent about it, since they tell dad that he has that stomachache due to his gluttonous trait . Lol. But then Yuriko asks dad to go check up to the hospital and she will accompany him, as she wants to check her health too. And so they arrive at the hospital and have several procedures. Yuriko’s result turns out great as she is described as very very healthy. While dad was being nagged by the doctor for the high triglyceride level. But when dad is waiting Yuriko outside in the hallway, he overhears words that his doctor said to the assistant about the life that will end in three months, to which dad assumes that it’s about him since the doctor is shown holding up the carte with dad’s name on it.s23It then makes dad down in shock and despair. And Yuriko, who notices it, becomes the first one to know about dad’s “terminal illness” and being asked at the same time to keep it as a secret cos he doesn’t want the sons to worry about him.s24And so begin dad’s string of weird behaviors, who’s all of sudden being so permissive to Yuzo for selling his stuff, acting so generous to Kenji by buying a lot of clothes for every year of Hinata’s growth, dotingly watching Kaoru doing his pâtissier school thing from a far, and so on. He even gives green light to Yoshikawa, who priorly comes to dad, asking for permission to propose mom; and he signs the divorce paper right away when he gets home.wut happenedAnd Yuriko, who can’t stand to see dad’s being such a debbie downer, tries to convince dad not to rush thing such as divorcing mom. And when dad argues with Yuriko over his soon to be over life; Kaoru coincidentally hears it and questioning what’s going on actually. It finally makes dad’s strange behavior no longer can be covered. So dad finally gathers the whole family up for the important announcement.s29The family meeting becomes a harsh reality for Kyoichi, Kenji, Kaoru and Yuzo as they’re distressed over dad’s terminal illness news. And they worriedly start to wonder what disease that dad has. But dad reassuringly says to them that they need to calm down and man up; as he will go to the doctor tomorrow by himself, so they need to stop floundering around.s21But turns out, dad only has a constipation due to overeating just like the whole family had predicted before. And the whole three months thing is just a misinterpretation for a new hospital printer that’s about to get repaired. Dad can’t hide his relieve and contentment when he heard this, but at the same time he also starts to feel anxious cos he just don’t know how to clarify this misunderstanding to the whole family.s31As dad gets home on silence, he’s secretly hearing the talk between Kyoichi, Yuriko, Kenji, and Kaoru; as they’re having a hard time dealing with a possibility of losing dad in three months. And when dad hears how sincere they are and how sad they’ve become, he can’t help but to cry a bit, which makes his existence is noticed by them. And dad just can’t bring himself to tell the truth, in contrast, this whole thing makes his stomachache relapse, and everyone is frantically tries to take dad into his room. And when everyone leaves him to let him get some rest, dad can’t help to wake up and mumbling in panic over this matter.


And so the family starts to prepare for dad’s 60th birthday party; in which they determined to make it as best as possible with Yuzo works hard on the decoration, Kaoru works overtime to make the birthday cake, Kyoichi and Yuriko use their saving to pay for dad’s dream trip to Hawaii, and Kenji’s using his first bonus to buy dad’s favorite ero magazine as the birthday present. But the problem is, the more they sincerely try to do and give their best, the more dad feels grilled in his guilt trip over this whole fake deadly disease debacle. Not to mention the whole scenes of dad getting depressed over the excessive kindness from the whole family are just so damn hilarious! Omggg, I’m laughing my butt off during these whole things. Ahahaha!!!

dad's guilty expressions are priceless!!! Lmao...
dad’s guilty expressions are priceless!!! Lmao…

So finally it’s the D-day of dad’s birthday, and everyone, including Aki and Hinata who got invited as well, are celebrating with maximum happiness and it makes dad’s burden gets heavier for him to tell the truth. As they want to cut the birthday cake, they forget to bring the knife; so Kyoichi tells Kaoru to get it from the coffee shop, which makes Kaoru coincidentally finds the crumpled paper of doctor’s real test result about dad’s check up.crumpled Kaoru then pissed-offly confronts dad about it, and the whole family find out about it as well. Soon after, the happy party people turns into a bunch of angry mobs who are cornering dad; and it doesn’t take too long for them to start the house wrecked fight again. And Kaoru, as always, never forgets to save the food. Lol…

save the foooood!!! again!!!
save the foooood!!! again!!!

Then dad tries to defend himself by acting snob; calling everyone stupid for doing all of this when he didn’t even ask for it. And to add more hurt, dad even says that he fed up with everyone and the house; in which Yuriko angrily told him to leave if he indeed feel that way. And dad, flustered, but yet at the same time tries to maintain his high pride, is really walking out of the house.s41At the hours of dad’s runaway, Yuriko’s starting to worry, scared that she could have made a terrible blunder by shooing dad away. And when Yuriko tries to call dad’s celly, turns out it was left in dad’s lil bag, in which Yuzo also finds dad’s notebook that was dedicatedly written to everyone as the goodbye letters by the time he thought he really had a terminal illness.s42In that notebook, dad wrote personal messages to each of his sons, Yuriko, and even to mom; showing his honest feeling of how grateful he has towards having Kyoichi, Kenji, Kaoru and Yuzo as his sons, Yuriko as his daughter in law, and mom as his wive. By the time, they finish read the book, everyone starts to realize how crappy they have acted towards dad, when in fact they don’t know what to do if dad was indeed gone.s43And when they have the self-reflecting session, they hear a sudden clutter noise; which turns out was dad who’s already coming home in just a span of hours. So much for a runaway, lol. Dad then tries to cover his shyness of writing such sappy things by saying that the whole notebook’s content is just a fiction. Geez… what a bashful old man, eh? ahahaha…s44And since then everything is back to normal, as normal means another daily family brawl and house wrecking kinda fight. Heheh… And when dad meets mom, she said to him that she sincerely glad that dad is healthy, and she has been and will always care for him. It makes dad beams in happiness and he’s ripping the divorce paper by saying that she can take her time as much as she wants it, and she’ll always be welcomed if she ever wants to get back home someday.s47Ohhoho… how I looooove the second SP to bits, cos it’s just so damn entertaining, funny, touching, all mix in one. The way the drama executes the whole dad’s debacle is so nicely done in a comical manner. And the family fight, as always, is just so damn hilarious and never dull even though it happens almost in every episode.h714But, if I have to pick the bone with these SPs, well, I have to say that they surely have one lacking point, which is not executed Kenji and Aki’s wedding scene. *sigh* how I wish to see that happening. But instead, the SPs chose to overdone Yuriko-Kyoichi’s counterpart by making a new unnecessary conflict, while leaving Kenji’s story, which has bigger potential to be more completely accomplished, on the backseat. *sigh sigh siiiiiigh* Well, what could I say, since the main couple of the drama is Yuriko and Kyoichi after all…s45So, this is the end of my SP review and overall review of Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi. All I can say that HYH is a very very nicely done, written, and executed drama. Every character grows inside your heart big enough for you to care about them; every interaction between the family member is always feels natural and pleasant to watch, and the atmosphere is so cozy and comfortable, it makes you feel like home every time you tune in to watch episode after episode. It also has it’s fair share of heart-breaking moments, as well as the wittiness, that will hooked you till the final credit rolls. Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi is a one appreciable drama that worth to be watch over and over again in time to come.

Final Score: 85/100

It feels so heavy to have to say goodbye to this family. Hoohoooo...
It feels so heavy to have to say goodbye to this family. Boohoohoooo…

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