Saccharine Collaborations & Sardonic Tittle-Tattle

1This is the final post of 2014. Since my blog is still such a wee baybee, I feel like it’s too early for me to make a round-up kind of post. But, I still want to end this year with something post-worthy; and not just any kind of post, but also with a high note and high fangirlhood level. Well, look no more, minipipami! Cos if there is something that can wrap up this December and end this year with a wigitty-bang-bang, it is definitely the KAT-TUN boys. Ahahaha!!! So basically, on December itself, KAT-TUN managed to give various impressions through their existence-purposed activities; whether it’s unexpectedly solid, or unexpectedly… sordid. Heheh…

01. KAT-TUN’s Shounen Club Premium Collaborations
shokuraSo, in the midst 2014, KAT-TUN was hired as the newest regular hosts of Shounen Club Premium or Shokura, that airs monthly on the third week on NHK BS Premium channel. Well, I must say that this whole Shokura thing is more like a medium for KAT-TUN boys to keep their existence in the J-Paph! industry, since realistically speaking, they’re not suitable to be called as shounen anymore, for they are now… shoumen. Ahahaha!!! *laughing at my own dry joke* Buuuut, whatever the reason is, I welcome this arrangement with a happy Cheshire grin. Lol. Well, in this show, aside having an interview with guest stars (mostly fellow johnnies), KAT-TUN must do performances on every episode as well; either with their own songs, or doing a collaboration with the singer guest star of the episode. And let’s just say that some of the collaborations were simply just… Oh-kayyy. That’s why I’m not too excited to see that part of their performances.shokura1But on the December edition, KAT-TUN were having two collaborative performances which unexpectedly come out very very good and… solid. I dunno which one goes first, so Imma sort it based on what I watched. First up is the performance with Anzen Chitai‘s vocalist, Tamaki Koji a.k.a that crazy “rabu da ne?” old man in Tokyo Bandwagon a.k.a fellow member of Kamenashi in the situational duo, Hottake Band.kizunaAt the beginning, the Hottake sing Kame’s old hit, “Kizuna”, which I’m not too fancy over back then when it was used as Gokusen 2‘s insert song, since it’s just so baladdy blah. But in this current performance, Kame sang it in acoustic, and turns out it become really good. Good-ly but gloomy to be more precise. And then they continue with Hottake’s one hit wonder, “Sayonara Arigato” (of course they’re gonna sing this, isn’t this the whole point of inviting Tamaki Koji over to the show, neeee??!!) which went quite mediocre, but near the end they add a lil bit of twizzzt by putting the other three KAT-TUN lads as their back vocals. Nice strategical move, PD, niiiiice move… *twirling imaginary mustache*sayo-ari1Then they’re continuing with Tamaki’s 90s hit song, 田園 (Denen) which turns out really cheerful and uplifting, despite Nakamaru who looked like he’s having constipation and nauseousness all mix in one, while Ueda looks like he just drank a six pack of red bull cos he got so hyper and jumpy. Well, that’s just another jumble of your usual messy KAT-TUN. No surprise. Heheh… *snicker*collabo2And then they’re closing the singing marathon with another Tamaki’s song titled, “Melody”; and this I must say, is the best part of the medley, cos everybody (except Tamaki) was trying their a** off to sing it smoothly and un-pitchy-ly, which turns out great for Ueda, cos for the first time in his idoru life, his nose-pinching voice is not annoying at all. Hip-hip-hoorah… *crowd’s waving* And this is also why I can understand the reason behind Nakamaru’s queasy face priorly; dude gets tons of solo here!!! Weeeeheehee… *sarcastic tone* And by the time the performance finish, we clearly can see how RELIIIIIEVE his face has become. Ahahaha… raise your glass to the nippon ojichan!!! Cheers!!!melodiPerformance Highlight: Kizuna in acoustic, Nakamaru’s going solo, Ueda’s nailing the “Melody” part.
Where to Watch: here
kinkiThe second collaboration takes KAT-TUN boys back to the good ol’ nobodies’ days as they’re back on being Kinki Kids‘ back dancer and singing “Ame no Melody”. Boy, would I never watched KAT-TUN dance solidly in synch as this one, cos they literally literally move on the same pace and can keep up with the speed of TpS (Taguchi per Seconds), lol. And when I see those two Kinki lads… well, all I can say is, you can never predict the future, cos who knows that yeaaaars later, the back dancers have become hotter than the main attraction. Mwahaha!!! *evil laugh*kinki2But one thing fo sho’; after hundreds of times hearing KAT-Tunes day by day, night by night, snooze by snooze (lol), truth be told, Kinki Kids’s voices are waaaaay better than KAT-TUN. And I think they’re one of the best-o singers in Johnny’s (other than Tegomass) aside Domoto Tsuyoshi’s mucky look. lol. So, thumbs up!kinki3Performance Highlight: KAT-TUN being synchronized, crab leg dance move on the chorus.
Where to Watch: here

02. Kame & Fukakyon are in Serioussss Relationship
2From Joker to Lover. Lolzzz. So, rumor has it that Kame now is in a relationship with his double deluxe co-star, Fukakyon. It happens ever since they started to work together in Joker Game and it said that the kisu scene was so electrifyingly electric, they start to feel the rabu rabu to each other; as quoted:

During October of this year, they were together for about 2 weeks at an overseas shooting location. The catalyst was the kiss scene that would become legendary in the industry. They practiced the kiss close to ten times and the final reveal was a deep kiss that seem to stretch on forever. There is no mistake that the kiss scene caused the two to realize their feelings for each other. (Person involved with the film)

And the Second Love drama shooting emphasizing their feelings more, as quoted (again):

Looking at the situation, there is no reason for the two to not fall in love. The pair’s scenes have the feeling of being so fun that it can’t be helped. (Person involved with the drama).

2nd KameErmageeeerd… typing the news above already got me in fremdschämen state, cos it’s so damn cheeezzzaay, it’s like reading a bad fanfic. Lol. And honest to the maxes, I am NOT surprised over this news, cos somehow I have a hunch that this grapevine will come out someday. Hah! But actually, I don’t mind seeing Kame to have a kanojo, cos dude’s life seems miserable enough as he has to entertain people 24/7 on TV, radio, variety shows, yadayadayada, while shimmying his skinny body from stage to stage. Lol. Besides, I’m not the type of fan who goes bonkers in jealousy and rabid rage when I see my favorite whatsoever gets a taste of real love in their busy lonely life; and I think it’s quite possible for Kame to have a relationship with Fukakyon, since he’s more into…well, noonas. Heheh… But, I’m just gonna take this news with a grain of salt anyway, since the validity of it is soooo uncertain. *shrug*

real life OTP? *shrug*
real life OTP? errr…

Actually, what makes this news so entertaining for me to post is not about Kame and Fukakyon’s love debacle, but it’s about how people REACT towards Kame and Fukakyon’s love debacle; and most of the comments are downright hilariously skeptic, cynic, and sarcastic. For example, there’s one saying:

"This is 'normal' whenever Kame got new drama or movie, to the point I just can't believe any of this rumors anymore. It's too damn obvious."

And then there’s another one:

"I feel like this dude is " getting married" everytime he's in a new show. He should fire whoever does his gossip."

And another one:

"..... Kame's soulmate, if there is one, wld probably be himself"

Lolololol. I can clearly imagine these people react and saying this statement in a skeptical tone while filing or clipping their nails in nonchalant attitude. Hahaha… way to end the year, Kame-boy!!!

Well, that’s it for today and for this year. Hopefully my posts all this time in 2014 are entertaining enuff for you to read, and hopefully I still have enough drive and motivation to keep posting well, uh, something on the next year. Lol. Cheers! and Happy New Year!!! (in advance, heheh…) See you on 2015!!! Stay happy and healthy, people!!! *blowing smooches*

I send to you all my (cheapskate) new year's greeting... hahaha...
I’m sending you all my (cheapskate) virtual new year’s greeting card… hahaha…

News & comments on #02: ©aramajapan
Last pic: ©all-about-kattun@blogspot

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