Deadly Delicious & Teasingly 30 Seconds

bangbangI was planning to have sabbatical until new year, but once (again) I was interrupted by these updates. A berrrrry berry good and fangirl-worthy updates indeeeeed. Ooohohohoho, drama baby…darling, if you’re gonna keep delivering me these kind of news, feel free to interrupt my sabbatical anytime yo want. Teehee… *smooch*

01.) KAT-TUN’s new single [Dead or Alive] details are out

singlesAfter 8 months of being hiatus preggers, KAT-TUN boys are finally giving a labor of love (lol) away to the hyphens. Their 23rd single, Dead or Alive is slated to be released on 21st January with three different editions and three different jacket covers in a Sherlock Holmesy slash (as I quoted from jnewseng) Very James Bond-ish style; to which I must say very neat and classy. Good one, my bonbon twits, mama soooo proud of u all *wiping happy tears* Oooh, oooh, and their track lists are out with a B-sides such as “Polaris”, “White Lovers”, and…“You are Delicious!” which is wut da eff… Jiminy, hobbity cricket, that is one super corny title, durrrrr… I don’t know what kind of song that is, but typing the title on a hungry state is definitely not a good terms cos it makes me shallowly think that this song will be about food. Lol. Buuuuuut, it’ll be such a im-puh-ssible for KAT-TUN boys to have a song about silly little crumpet, cos all this time, their song themes are mostly to kool for skool, too rock for frock, and… too racy for pastry. Hahahaha… and also, in this single, Kame takes his turn as the final KAT-TUN member who sings and has solo PV (everybody say “Whoop dee doo!!!” *hands up*) with his song titled, “Hanasanaide Ai”  which can be roughly translated as “Unseparated Love” or whatsoever. And turns out, unlike the other members, this song is not new, as it’s a recycle from KAT-TUN good ol’ songs. Pffffft… bet on my two cents that sly old man Johnny putting this song as Kame’s solo cos he wants to use it as Second Love‘s soundtrack, since the lovey dovey-esque title is pointing to that direction. Heh, whatever. Anyway, let’s just hoping all their track list songs of this single will be good and…candy to the ears. *crossing fingers*

02.) [Second Love] 30″ teaser is out

kame2ndHO, MI , to the NA, to the O to the M to the JAY!!! Second Love teaser is out!!! And even though there hasn’t any drama scenes showing in it–for they’re only photo slides and narration words and it’s only 30 SECONDS–I am so dang excited!! Forget about my rant on my previous post cos i am soooo pumped up in fangirlhood right now I can do a whole triathlon like an energizer bunny. Lol. And every time I read the part written of genre: romance, it’s like apple to the eyes cos i think Second Love is the only romance dorama in this 2015 winter season lineups (well, except maybe that Anne and Hasegawa Hiroki’s drama Date ~ Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira, but it’s a mixture with comedy… I guess).2ndloveWell, I just wanna say to Kame, show’em how viably romantic and swoony you can be, boy! Show to all the majority police procedural, medical, suspense genres dorama that romance is still the awesomest one! Hahaha… and let’s be honest to the maxes here, since I’m currently watching Yokai Ningen Bem, seeing you cracking your  humanoid skin and having an animorphs moment into a sticky gooey green rubber monster over and overrr again is not a pretteeeh sight at all. Me wants a swoony Kame!!! And me wants it now!!! Uwaaaa… *throwing tantrum* Lol…

Well, that’s all, folks! See you on my next post… someday. On next year. Maybe. Gaaaawt I’m so damn wishy-whash*t. Haha…

dogpile KAT-TUN for your...dogpile moment. Lol.
dogpile KAT-TUN for your…dogpile moment. Lol.

Credits: aramajapan, Jdrama Weblog


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