Vas Happenin’, KAT-TUN???

samesameSeriously, doesn’t anyone give a damn about them anymore, or they’re the one that simply don’t?

So, I just watched KAT-TUN performance on 3rd December 2014  FNS 歌謡祭 (FNS Music Festival); and I must say that this is their laziest performance everrrrr, cos: 1) From approximately 200 songs they had ever recorded and have in their entire albums and singles, they chose to sing…Real Face. Again. For the megaladon bazinga trillionth times. Not that I’m complaining, but seriously KAT-TUN dudes, don’t you have any other hit songs that was prepared on your dang sparkly suit’s sleeves? All I know is that they ain’t no fricken one hit wonder, since all of their single ALWAYS being #1 in the Oricon chart. So basically, KAT-TUN, you can sing any of your gerdammit songs and your fans will react with the same amount of gaga-craziness and they surely can sing along as well, cos they fricking must KNOW the fricking lyrics. *sigh* Which bring us to problem no. 2) Unless all hyphen got zapped by those Men in Black amnesia-maker thingy, there’s no way they cannot notice that KAT-TUN boyzzz re-wear the same fricken wardrobe from their 2012 CHAIN concert.

Seeeee the difference...??? No.
Seeeee the difference with the top picture…??? No.

Gee golly shmolllllllly, even ignorant person such as me notice that sh*t. What’s happening, guysssss??? Does Johnny simply not give a f*** about his four money-maker cash cows anymore??? Since their TV performance is rare these days, can they at least give KAT-TUN, I dunno, something specially NEW to wear maybeeee???!!! I don’t know and I don’t caaare about whether Arashi have the same wardrobe repetition problem or not; but man… seriously, I was kinda dissapointed with their performance this time. It’s not that I was expecting something wow or superlative whatsoever; But…ugh…this simply makes me feel…

yeeeeesssss... exactly.
yeeeeesssss… exactly.

End of my rant. Sorry, btw; I think I have a caffeine crash or something. Lol. And thanks for reading this. Hahaha…*crazy laugh*

Peanote: See that on the left bar? I finally reach a thousand nerds that ever accessed this fricken retard slash crayzay blog!!! Woohoo!!! *throwing confetti at myself* this now makes me feel…ee54vuhiuAgagaggaa… me soooo bonkerzzzz… – End of Peanote


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