Drop It cos It’s “Hot”?

kamero-kamecchiPraeambulum: For pete’s sake, dorama universe, just lemme have my mini hiatus in peace!!! Staph bludgeoning me with this kinda concernful news…awww-hoo-hoooo…*frustration sobs*

Once again I become minipipami, interrupted as I read this news. And boy, would I never expect that my wish was answered this fast. Lol. Just when I said pretty puh-leaseee for Kame to come back to dorama world; guess what?! He’s indeed come back! In January! With a noona-romance drama; a renai genre! a fricken frickin renai dorama!!! The title Second Love explains it all; and as I quoted from the source, this drama is “an adult dangerous love that is more painful than a soap opera” Wooohhhhhooo… Am I excited? Am I? Ummm… not…really. Why? Cos there’s a couple factors that quite set me off; First, I don’t really fancy midnight drama cos it tends to be low budgety and awkwardly ero-ero-ecchi kinda stuffs (except for Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo~ that drama is a gem! *smooch*). And do ya know what time slot this drama will be on? B.I.N.G.O! it’s on midnight. *sigh*… Second, Kame will play a role as… *drumroll*… a dancer. A contemporary dancer. Oh. Mai. Geeeerd. A normal Kame himself ALWAYS dance repulsively sensual (Lol), can you imagine him do that whole pirouette arabesque thing with a ballady John Mayer-esque song??? Huh??? Dare youuuu??? *high pitch horror tunes*… So in this drama, Kame the tiny dancer (hahaha…) will passionately fall in love with a school teacher who is a mistress of her married colleague. OoohhH… so complicated, so angst intended. Hah. Which brings us to the most important question: who will be the heroine? and the answer is the yama-onna Fukakyon. Again. For the SECOND time. So basically Kame and his joker damsel will have a reunion despite the movie itself hasn’t been released yet. Harharhaaaar…. *sarcastic laugh* And numero three, this drama is said will be hot, sexy and steamy as in wut. da. bleep. Turns out the Joker Game canoodle scenes weren’t enough, so this time Kame and Fukakyon will go for…home run through all base. Lol. Gee golly, Didn’t the uber-shuddering make out scene in Sappuri (with kabe-onna Ito Misaki) proves a point of how…abominable it was for us (for me at least) to see Kame do that kind of thingy, and now they want to make him do mooaaarrr?? Ruh-roh, shaggy… I dunno how to respond to this. I just don’t know anymore… *headdesking*tumblr_nfkw7tez9b1tqshoro1_500As many fans find it exciting; me sighing HARD upon this news, cos I feel like all Kame’s career build-out movement choice these days seems to have pointing and directing me out to the exit door of the fangirl world. I always thought and hope that as an actor, Kame will always be the “sanctuary” type; y’know the kind of actor that in the midst of many sexualized and lust-full-based premised doramas; always manages to play in a feel good romantic one with a swoony role’s character that brings us the ‘it’ comfy feeling of warm and fuzziness inside our kokoro’s softie spot. But hey, it’s a showbiz world after all; so either step up the game or being stepped on by other tarentos. Besides, its still waaaay too early for me to be such a judgmental hag, since we haven’t seen the ‘finished product’ yet. Let’s just hope it turns out good and won’t become a sloppy-second love-drama. Harharharrr… *knocking on mahogany*

sexy-face Kame for your image training. Hoobaa hoobaa... Lol.
sexy-expression Kame for your image training. Hoobaa hoobaa… Lol.

PS: Bet on my donuts that they will go with another KAT-TUN song as the main soundtrack;  prolly their DoA single B-side…heh… this is just my two cents anyway.

Credit: News and photo #02: jnewseng.com/photo #03: imgkid.com

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