On a Hitch & on a Mission

dabombHey peeps! It’s Tuesday already and thank God i didn’t have any blues in ma mood. I also have my morning coffee which helped me to fight my woozy lazy sleepiheadness, aaaaand these two awesome news that makes me elated enough to squeal and…squeak. Lol.

01.) Mukai Osamu and Kuninaka Ryoko are getting married

depiction of my feeling right at the moment...
depiction of my feeling right at the moment…

Ladies gentleman boys girls everybody, scrum around and scream with me: “OTP! OTP! OTP! Osh Osh Osh!” *foot stomping*. Just when I determined to have my mini hiatus for a couple weeks, this news came out and it’s too good, too sweet, too squeeful to be passed and not being posted in this OTP-manic blog. So, today should have been an usual morning for me till I read this massive news at around 8AM.  Here’s the chronological-dramatisation moment-telling:

Website news: Mukai Osamu and Kuninaka Ryoko are getting married
Me: ooooohhhmaiiiiiiiiogeeeerrrrddddd!!!!!!!! Gyaboooo!!! Obladi Oblada!!! adsfghjkl!!! *boogie dancing and happy spazzing*

Yeaaaaah!!! Theres still hope in humanity people!!! Uwaaaarggha-hahaha!!! *chest thumping* I couldn’t be more elated and cock-a-hoop when I heard this news cos they are match made in Jdorama paradiso. For those of you who dunno Kuninaka Ryoko, she’s the actress that played the ever so adorable Tamura Chisato, the supermarket manager that later become Tatsuya’s (Tamayama Tetsuji) girlfriend and then wifey in my fave 2005 dorama, Brother Beat and they became my OTP since then. But later when I found out that Tamayama got hitched, I am so in the shipper bum phase cos there goes away my Tatsuya-Chisato coupling dream for being happened in reality, boohoohoo…pass me the hanky please… *wiping tears*

Tatsuya-Chisato, the never come true real OTP
Tatsuya-Chisato, the never come true in real life-OTP

Days go by, and after three times Brother Beat rewatching, my fangirl heart remains empty for any dorama couple till I saw this drama, Hungry. And when I read the cast ensemble of Mukai Osamu and Miura Shohei, I pledge myself for being aaaaaall in to watch it, no matter how crappy the drama is, and Kuninaka play as Mukai’s koibito makes my OTP radar buzzing fricken high and cementing my determination more. But when an unexpected thing (name THNK) happened, I keep delaying my will to watch this dorama again, and again until it’s probably already rotten and maggotized in my computer disk. Lol. But when this gleeful news comes out, I feel super giddy and excited right now about their marriage more than all the British people excited about royal wedding combined. Lol. What more awesomy is that these two lovebirds met when they were shooting this drama together and all of sudden sparks fly its like electricity between them. At first they were all like denying about their relationship and stuff cos Nippon fans are so childish and shallow to the wallow, they just can’t accept that their idoru is a human being; made from flesh and blood, needs personal love, can age and wrinkle and don’t wanna die as a lonely island. But thankfully, Mukai-kun has a vertebrae a.k.a back bone so he has this courage to tell people that “yo dawgs, Imma married man soon!” And me couldn’t be happier about this.

gee, you lucky, lucky gal...lol
gee, you lucky, lucky gal…lol

So congrats! Omedettooooo to Mukai and Kuninaka!! Hopefully they will have a wonderphooool kekkon, and breed looots of purrrty babies to populate this world with purrrrtiness cos they both are so purrrrty and I think I’m purrrty much crying right now cos I can’t contain this sheer gaganess that I’m having by the time I’m typing this post. Be happy with me, peeps; Cmon, take this beer can and KANPAIIIII!!! *can tossing* ahahaha… now Imma watch Hungry with hunger for their screen presence. Lol. Bring it on drama! Feed this shipper fangirl to maximum squeeness!!! Agagaga!!!

02. Joker Game full trailer is outkameFinally, my curiosity of Kame‘s new movie got a squirt of an answer by the time I saw this trailer. So in a nutshell, Joker Game is an action suspense movie about a badass delinquent spy (wooooohhh…), Kato Jiro (Kame) who is recruited by D-Motion D-kikan to obtain a black note and he’s competing with a lot of other foreign spies and one femme fatale, Rin (Fukakyon). So basically you all know the drill of the story right? There will be lot of running and chasing, quick changing, engrish speaking, gun pointing, hostaging, and whoopee canoodling in the midst of it all. Heheh…

hard love, eh?!
tough love, eh?!

And what do I think then? well, I think this move is quite tensional and…promising. And ooooh, oooh, oooh, guess who sing the soundtrack? Omaigaaawt, It’s KAT-TUN!!! Woooow!!! didn’t see that coming *sarcastic tone*. Lol. So their new song DoA a.k.a Dead or Alive will be the official movie soundtrack. I guess we’re gonna open new year with treats of KAT-TUN new single and PV as well; let’s finger cross it won’t be a cheesy one; homina homina homina…

it's all about the tie-in
it’s all about the tie-in…

By the way, from this movie release, I must say that Kame is indeed stepping up his game by tackling this kind of hardcore role. But truth be told, I miiiiisssssss seeing him inside the mini box screen of my TV, cos like I tell you in my old post; I hate movies due to the long wait and the duration is only like how long, two hours, three hours top and it already makes me agitate in the dark of theatre’s seat; while drama is more approachable as it appears every week and has much more screen duration time. But then I read in a magazine translation blog that Kame aims to play more movies cos he wants to spoil his talento image and grows a facial hair, as in WTF and as quoted below:

This year I am really working (laugh). Next year I am likely to be overseas a lot for work. In the later half of the year I hope to be able to make a movie for the next coming year. For dramas, there are restrictions put in place so that my image as a ‘tarento’ will not be spoilt too much, but it is not that strict for movies so I want to spoil my image in a movie. To grow a moustache, or to act as a villain, or to do in video the kind of things we do in a Winkup shoot (laugh). But for movies there is the timing issue… But if there are offers, please! Those in the movie industry, please give me an offer!

O, darling, you can have a thick ape-like beard all you want, as long as the old Johnny allow you to grow one (as if, lol), and you come back to the small screen, pretty puh-leaseee…??? Should I sing this KAT-TUN’s begging in desperation song for you, huh? (seriously, you gotta listen to this song; it’s so desperate, it’s hilarious. Lol.)

seriously, you can be like this in the drama, I don't mind..heh...
seriously, kame, you can be like this in the drama, I don’t mind..heheh…

If he’s indeed gonna play more movies and less dorama in the future; well, Kame-boy, I guess this is where I’m gonna leave you; but not before I finish all your drama that’s still left in my disk, since I’m a completist and I don’t want all my download effort to go to waste. Hah.

All in all, here is the trailer of Joker Game. Will it be DoA, as it Dull or Awesome? Errrr… I dunno, only time will tell which is slated on 31st January 2015. ‘Kay then, Enjoy! 🙂

pict #03 #04 #07 unedited credit here, here, and here

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