Oh, Variety…Stupidity…

111Who doesn’t love variety shows? Slapstick, stupidity, bullying; all mix in one and somehow we all take that combination as a funny thing; an entertaining value that’s addictive, cos it makes us feel so good and in the mood. As one of the various variety watchers, I’m quite likey to watch all this, although it may not seem too often. But among many shows that I had watched, I found a couple knucklehead scenes from a couple variety shows that are memorable in my head… somehow… randomly (lol), and now Imma share those with you guys, cos who knows, we might watching and laughing at the same thing, right?! teehee… *eyebrows wiggling* Okay, nuggets, what are we waiting for?! Leisez le bon temp rouler!!! Okay, I might have watched NCIS too much before this. Lol.

Knucklehead #01: For those of you who doesn’t know Kangnam, well, he’s a member of Korean hip hop group, M.I.BknAnd yes he’s a Japanese, for his real name is Namekawa Yasuo; with Korean speaking ability on the level of grade school kid. Lol. By knowing his nationality and seeing his looks, the MCs start to give him a nippon-wide compliment:kimutakuAnd he proudly admit it, in a very…say…dumbo way…knnnnnI dunno why, but I’m loling hard at this part. Omgggg…

Knucklehead #02: Another Kangnam moment. After got a high compliment for his Kimutaku-esque looks, this time he’s got the other way around when netizens critizising commenting him.pelikangnamAnd arirang simply emphasizing it more as if we’re too doofus to picturing him with that nickname.kkkkOhamjay…agagagagaggaa!!! Good job, arirang, lolololol…kkkkkksimply screen-capped this cos 5zic and SIMS look too amused by all of this stupidity. Lol.

Knucklehead #03: And who could stand to not laugh seeing Kis-My-Ft2‘s misery in accomplishing mission of eating 1000 senbei in all varied and size. Which makes them taking a…well… shortcut by blending the senbei with juicer.blenderNo seriously, Tamamori blends it until it’s all become sandy like a cheap baby powder. Lol.2And he greedily takes a one giant spoon of that sandy dry senbei.3At first he was aaaaaaall good…4until…5He practically starts to cough up those senbei sh*t and snorting it out like crazy. And you know what’s worse than his near-death choked-up experience? He became the laughing stock by all the member plus Hamaguchi. Lmao.6And worse(r) than that? It’s got on replay again and again. Ahahaha!!!7A very shameful moment indeed for the high-puraido guy, Tamamori-kun. Lol.

Knucklehead #04: Who could ever forget Joo Won‘s air headed-answer for conundrum of philosopher’s name? At first, PD Bird asking them the said question.1And as we can see, our ‘smarty’ pants Joo won is starting to have this memory flash inside his brain.smartpantsHe said it as if that philosopher is his long-time-no-see-high school buddy. Lol. But then PD Bird starts to give them mercy for their pea-brain storming (cos I think it won’t end until midnight if there’s no hint given, lol)hintAnd he just full-firely answers:rodinWhich makes all the other dudes start asking why he answers ‘Rodaeng‘ (Rodin) and he confidently says cos it’s rhymes with food ‘Odaeng‘ (=Oden).8And it’s automatically makes all people goes into crazy banana-rama of…9Geez, he goes all red in embarrassment. Hahahaha…Thank goodie you’re pretty, opppaaaaaa~ *K-drama spoilt second lead girl voice* Lol…10Knucklehead #05: How can we also forget about the ugly-pretty contest between these two mature men:kswIn case you don’t know, this is Kim Seung Woo, the ever so charismatic and deep voiced Hotelier guy Kim Seung Woo.utwAnd in case you don’t recognize again, this is Uhm Tae Woong. Yes, yes, that equator dude guy, the villainy second lead ahjussi in Sassy Girl Chun Hyang. So they battling about which group they representing will sleep indoors. And the winner is Kim Seung Woo’s group, thanks to his shameless sexy pose, lol. And when he wins, he still has the time to mock Uhm Tae Woong’s group ‘make up’ by complimenting his own.lolHe said that simply just bcos he hasn’t see himself in the mirror…yet. Ermagerd, just…ermagerd… Lololololol…

Knucklehead #06: I’m gonna dub this one as the Knucklehead McSpazatron of the entire variety shows, cos it’s purely…stupid. Lol. So, Nakamaru ‘got’ the task to clean up horses’ doo-doo in the stall. And he just…gee golly…you should see this cap yourself to believe it. Lmao.poowhich makes him become like…highdoodoobut then, he’s going like…shitDude, it doesn’t need a rocket science to know that every poop in everywhere in the world is smell like sh*t!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! OmGgGg, Nakamaru *wiping laughing tears* and then he’s just going bonkers and bonkers after that by talking about this whole doo-doo things while having…breakfast.crayzayGuess, we can blame those ammonia smells for intoxicating his mind. Lol.

Knucklehead #07: Omg, this…this is simply epic. Lol. So, Nakamaru got a Shuiichi trip to Hakone with Kame. And he lost his bet which resulted him isn’t allowed to eat the food at their next culinary stop. So all he can do is gawking over Kame’s self indulgence moment…poorAgagagagaga!!! I really can’t stop laughing my a** off when I watched this scene, cos somehow Nakamaru really looks like he’s about to cry and bawl in any minute and his face somehow reminds me of picture of a little match girl who’s staring at big old yummy Christmas meat-loaf; and even the studio’s MCs realize that as well…kawaiisoFor pete’s sake, Kame, give him some! hurry! chop chop!! Lol…

Well, that’s all of my random post. I dunno why I make this, but somehow all this stupid scene really stuck in my head, even though I already watched it a looooong time ago. Agagaga…good times…good times indeed. See you in my next post. TGIF, people!!! Teeheehee…


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