About: サプリ (Suppli) Part 2

cuteHello, and welcome back to Sapuri-ville; home of angsty romance debacle and dullard-personality characters. Lol. So, this is the second part of my venting post of the 2006 getsu-9 drama, Sapuri (Suppli/Supplement). I never want to watch this drama at first, but as a newly-declared Kame completist, there’s an inevitable responsibility that needs to be fulfilled, and this is the said one. Hahaha… So, without further ado, let’s finish what we started, eh?
9-10(Spoilert: Very very high. Up to the dangerous level. lol)

04. The Romance, Love Story, Whatever
What’s this drama main theme? Romance. What’s this drama’s most screwed up part? of course, it’s the… romance. Lol. So like I said before in the first part post,  the romantic arc in this drama is such a draggy scattered mess with all the circuitous circling relationship and their snail-paced development that makes us as viewers drown in the sea of angst and frustration. And we can dissect this into different compartments:

04.1. The Anatomy of RelationshipanatomyOne of the prominent juncture in this drama is how every romantic relationship between these four (or five) people entangled and connected to one another. And I must say that some of it comes as not too…believable. The first sparked up romance is between Ogiwara and his senior, Tanaka in a form of…extramarital affair. *gasp!!!* OoOoOh, is this the forbidden lust-ful one? The gritty, heart pounding, and will make you all like, “Omg, what if they got busted?!?” kind of affair? AHAHAHAHA…no. All we get from Ogiwara and Tanaka’s relationship is a mental affair, since all Tanaka ever does is sweet-talking and manipulating Ogiwara with a lil touchy touchy on his hand and stuffs. Blah.married On the first episode, we were being teased with a scene where, Tanaka is entering the elevator; and suddenly, Ogiwara comes along and grab her left hand to take a look at her wedding ring with such an indifferent look. And Tanaka says to him, “We already broke up,” then Ogiwara asks her, “Why?” and then he mischievously comes closer to kiss her and before that happens, the elevator door was shut. When I saw that scene, I was like, “Wooooohohoho, this is gonna be good and intrigue-ful!!! Awesome!!!” but then, as we all knew, my expectation is free falling to the gutter as on the second episode, Ogiwara turns into such a wimpy dude who needs a hug from his noona, Fujii. Where’s that bad boy look you show me on the elevator, Ogiwara? Where’s the I-don’t-care attitude that was seen on the first episode? Wheeerreeee???? Oh, that flirtatious sparks just weren’t there anymore, cos till the end, all I get from these two is a scene of them drinking in a bar again, and again, and again…and again. Jiminy cricket…

one word: boo-ring!
one word: boo-ring!

This is why I didn’t feel any kind of tension on the sixth episode, when Ogiwara’s senpai asking him on the phone about his wife. I mean, Why should I feel the tension since it never gave me anything to be tense about? It feels like I just want to enter the screen, snatch the phone from Ogiwara and tell his senpai, “Hey, senpai, dun cha worry cos they didn’t do anything hazardous to your marriage. Your wife is as mint as vintage collector edition’s toy robot, harharharrrrr….!!!” *sarcastic laugh* Seriously, it doesn’t mean that I’m supporting an affair, but this is a fricken drama for pete’s sake!!! It needs that kind of complicated spice to make viewers agitated on their seat, feeling doki doki, and anxiously curious of what will happen next. But…but… *sigh* So this is what you dubbed as an affair? Really, drama, really? *roll eyes*111As for our main couple, Ishida and Fujii: Oh. My. Crap… I just dunno how to describe their romance debacle. Everything happens so sudden and hammy handed. Okay, first thing first; If we’re viewing from Ishida’s side, we can easily notice that Ishida falls for Fujii from–I think–the moment she called him “Ishida” instead of “baito-kun”. And we also can understand Ishida’s tribulation to see Fujii mooning over Ogiwara and ignoring him most of the time. So, basically, the impression that we get throughout their romance is that Ishida has unrequited love towards Fujii. But later, we were fed with this big gulp of bungling plot development by the writer as all of sudden, my nuggets, ALL OF SUDDEN Fujii has this lovey feeling towards Ishida. Wut. Da. Bleep.talkI mean from the beginning, we clearly can see that all Fujii does to Ishida is just being a nice senior, mentoring and giving him knowledge about CM-making, lets him expanding his creativity by allowing him participating in the design presentation, and so on; and until the sixth episode we can absolutely sure that Fujii didn’t even have an iota of any romantic interest towards Ishida. She may felt touched by Ishida’s kindness and warm support, but that’s only it. But then, out of the blue, on the seventh episode, Fujii is like having this drastic change as she responds to Ishida’s kiss. And that makes me wonder, SINCE WHEN Ishida had her? Is it at the aikido bonding moment? At the lil pep talk from the library? What the hell is happening here? Am I missing something? Am I accidentally skipping one episode maybe? Good grief… WTF is happening, drama???? Bcos at this point everything just so darn confusing, it resulted in bring us nowhere near emotional roller coaster as we watched the “sukidayo” scene is finally happening. I totally don’t get this entire abrupt thing that’s going on with Fujii, but heck, I just shove it all and swallooooow it like a bitter pill. Shove and swallow, shove and swallow!!! gulp Gulp GULP!!!ishidafujiiAnd as it was all not angstily perplexing enough, we are now served with the female version of wishy-washy Ogiwara, as now it’s Fujii’s turn to play yo-yo with Ishida’s feeling. Omo-omooooooo, drama, one doofus Ogiwara is enough, there’s no need to add another unnecessary angst by making Fujii becomes just like him in the first five episodes. This is just a purely cycle of stupidity. The writer should have put ANYTHING other than that similar conflict, like maybe a talk about marriage and commitment, or how Fujii and Ishida getting to know each others personality and habit in this may-december relationship since it’s all new to them, etc. I know they’re all angsty problem either, but at least it’s a ‘fresh’ one and will add a new kind of development in their relationship.if--- And one thing that really sucks is that how Fujii keeps prolonging and delaying the moment to say “I love you” to Ishida. I mean, dude, if you truly likes him, why don’t you say so? The way problems kept being created based on this premise makes Fujii looks less and less sincere in her relationship with Ishida. I mean of course in the end, she says it all loud, but it still raises lil contemplations in my head, “So, that means, if Ishida didn’t left and Ogiwara didn’t encourages Fujii, Fujii will never confess her real feeling to Ishida; if Ishida didn’t left and Ogiwara didn’t encourages Fujii, the relationship between Fujii and Ishida will remain vague forever, if Ishida didn’t left and Ogiwara didn’t encourages Fujii, Ishida will play flower petal-picking forever just for knowing what Fujii truly feels about him.” So, we can say that the final confession only happen if those two things happened firstly beforehand; and if those two things didn’t happen, there will be no happy ending just bcos Fujii is so damn namby pamby. What a convenience thin line-execution, huh drama? As it more to the happening events rather than the character development. Ooooh, whadda bummer bummer bummer…*dissapointment sigh*9-9

04.2. The Chemistry
This drama is about love; which is an undescribable feeling, tossing and turning a person’s heart, and sparks a lot of sizzling chemistry. Supposedly, huh? Well, Sapuri basically has three major inter-character’s chemistries that hold a strong point in engaging viewers to the drama. The major that was shown first is between Ogiwara and Fujii, in which their blurry relationship status doesn’t stop them from having their moment of togetherness.of2If I can describe Ogiwara and Fujii’s chemistry in one word it will be: professional. Hah! No matter where, inside or outside the office, they always stick to the employee mannerism code. Lol. What I mean is, they really stiff and awkward when they’re together, not to mention watching their relationship dynamic is as boring as watching puddle water evaporates.zzz I dunno whom is to blame here; Eita or Ito Misaki. Because they always seems off all the time, even in the sweet moment as Ogiwara stroking Fujii’s hair while she was sleeping on his shoulder doesn’t look…sweet and cutesy; since he’s stroking carelessly, it makes her hair becomes flat. Lol.iwThe second major chemistry is between Ishida and Watanabe; to which I must say is livelier than Ogiwara-Fujii’s. The tsundere Watanabe is all grouchy at first, but as the time goes by, she slowly develops feeling towards Ishida which turns her into a hopeless romantic chic all at once.iwThe chemistry between Kame and Asami Reina is unexpectedly good and believable enough; even the sixth episode’s cliffhanger of their almost kiss-scene kinda excites me a bit and motivates me enough to play the next episode. Even though Watanabe’s clingy character annoys me, but truth be told, I think she’s the more believable one in showing that she clearly falls for Ishida.

And now it’s the last, and the majorest of the major, which is the chemistry between Fujii and Ishida that can be described in one word: random.111 So basically if we can measure the love between them in percentage, it will be 0.000001% eros and 99.99999% storge. Lol. Honestly, all the vibe that I get is their love feels more like the sister-brother, rather than a man and woman. I mean, there’s even a couple times Ishida calls Fujii as “Onee-san”, and when he’s confessing his love to Fujii on the seventh episode, he says, “I don’t want to call you ‘Onee-san’, I don’t want to be your brother!” which makes me lol, cos even Ishida realizes that Fujii is all about sisterly crap and stuffs towards him.broShe even used reward and punishment method to Ishida in the eight episode as like ‘if you do your writing essay, you can come to my house’ kinda thing. Ahahaha…WTF.  For the love of turtle, Fujii, Ishida is your loverboy not your 15 years old delinquent son. And you know what’s funnier? Ishida even wrote in his essay’s PS that he “wants to make Fujii-san proud.” Fujii-san proud! Oh-am-jay. At this point I feel like I was watching a family drama rather than a office romance.  Lol. Oh, Ishida, you should write that PS to your mum instead and write another more romantic-ish words to Fujii like, i dunno, “PS: I love you” maybe…teeheehee…it’s plagiarism I know but at least it’s better than his ototo-vibe message. Lol. And another factor that kinda turns me off to ship them as the drama OTP is the height difference. It’s trivial I know, but how can I take their romance seriously when all I can notice is how Kame has to look up every single fricken time he talks to Ito Misaki? *facepalming*

that shoulder difference tho...
that shoulder difference tho…

I think this drama will be much more believable and acceptable if it’s set in high school; you know like Majou no Joken. In that drama, I’m all good with Hikaru (Takki) and Michi (Matsushima Nanako) height difference, because we all know that Hikaru is still a teenager. But in Sapuri, Ishida is 22 years old, as in more mature in physical growth and more serious in tackling romantic feeling. But I just can’t make myself as serious as this drama wants me to when it comes to this. Not to mention the drama’s stylist is soooooo cruel as she makes Ito Misaki wearing high heels although barefoot-ly she’s already fricken 171cm–which is equal to Kame’s bogus height–and by wearing heels, she’s practically taller than everyone in the drama, including Eita. Lol. Okay, let us do the math here: 171 cm Ito Misaki + high heels = Kame + …… cm of super secret soles. Hahaha…Geez Sapuri, you sure know how to tickle your viewers to laugh…in a wrong way. Lol.

Ishida, looking up high...
Ishida, looking up high…

04.3. The Kissy Kissy Chu and Make Out Make Out Ugh
Oooohhhh, this is the juiciest part of the drama, teeheeeheee… *hand palm-rubbing*. Well, what is a romantic drama without a kiss? It will be tasteless and unexciting, right? A drama’s kiss scene is an essential part that can’t be detached from the whole drama itself, for it’s the counterpart that settles timing for the main couple to be together. And Sapuri didn’t overlook this part, as they’re making the kiss scenes as SUPERLATIVE! as possible because this is GETSU. NINE. DRAMA. we’re talking about here!!! Hahahaha… *crazy laugh* So, in this drama, there are three kisu scenes all rewarded to our heroine, Fujii. Oh yes, she gets aaaaall the love, just like Fumiya. Lol. The first one is the kiss between Fujii and Ogiwara, in the middle of scattered cosmetics.chuThis kiss I must say is very cute, sweet, and shojo manga-ish. And despite the difficult position, the scene doesn’t seems forced or weird at all. Me going “d’awwww…” at this scene. But still, deep inside my fangirl heart, I always wish for a kiss scene that’s non-platonic. Y’know, the kiss that’s not only putting two lips together, but a kiss that has more movement, more excitement, more…romantic-ness. And so, do I get it in this drama’s other two kiss scenes? Oh, yes. Yeeeees; I totally got that lips movement. And a lesson. That next time, I should be careful with what I wish for. Haahaahah…*traumatized* So the other two kiss scenes belongs to our main couple, Fujii and Ishida. And this time, no more shojo manga, for they are going hardcore, as it’s not just kissing, but more to a make out session!!! Wooooh… HOT! Not.awkwarrrddddddThis snogging could be described as shuddering and excruciatingly painful. It may not look like it from the screen-cap, but when we watch it in the moving version, it looks so…aaaawkwaaaard…with both hand placements, that clearly shows Kame has to grab Ito Misaki’s shoulder so he can reach that lips on her sky-high face. Lol. And not to mention they have to do it veeeery looong which is so…ugh. Geez, I need to watch something cartoony after this in order to erase this eye-gouging scene from my head.11-15So, how about the second make out session scene? Is it less… umm… tormenting? Well, yeah. slightly tho’. But this time at least they’re in a better position and hand placing, even though it’s just as awkward and torturing as the one before. *sigh* All I can take from these whole canoodle doodle scenes are that from now on, I shall never asked for a romantic smooching in J-dramas ever again, cos turns out, they’re being platonic for a dang good reason. Lol. And to Kame and his future dramas, ooohh…you can do lip-pressing anytime you want, bro! No more complain, cos I’m aaall good…heheh…

Well, I’m not gonna end this post with my trashy rants only, cos a good post is a high note-ending post; says no one but myself. Lol. Besides this drama is not all baaaaad ya know. There are couple redeeming qualities that make this drama…bearable to watch.

The Hunky-Dories
01. Ishida-Imaoka-Yugi-Natsuki
famOne of the quite major thing that I like from this drama is the Create Agency creative designer head, Imaoka “Enjoy” Kyotaro‘s (Sato Koichi) side story which taking over around 20-30% on each episode. It all started when Ishida got kicked out of his apartment for not paying his rent, and so he ends up staying for a night at Imaoka’s place, as Imaoka is his father’s junior in college, and he respects Ishida’s father big time. But what starts as an overnight crash becomes a permanent stay as Ishida accidentally notices and knows about Imaoka’s secret relationship with another creative designer, Yugi Yoko (Shiraishi Miho). So, in order to prevent Ishida from turning it into an office scandal, he offers him to stay as a bribe.bribingBut not so long after that, Imaoka gets another suprise, this time from his ex-wife, as she asks him to take care of Natsuki (Shida Mirai), their 10 years old daughter, for six months while she’s having an orchestra tour in Hungary. Natsuki and Imaoka are estrange to each other, it makes their living together situation very difficult, especially when Natsuki found out that he has a girlfriend.

not so very good first impression for Yugi...
not so very good first impression for Yugi…

But as time goes by, they slowly reconcile their father-daughter relationship, which in the end, makes Natsuki able to call him “Father” instead just “hey” which she always did all the time.11-11First of all, I found it funny that Imaoka’s lavish bachelor pad is packed with two nobodies–well Natsuki isn’t a nobody, for she is his estranged daughter–and Ishida sometimes acting like his wife by tidying his coat when he got home, cooking dinner for Natsuki, bonding with her over crying together when watching an anime movie, and so on.bondingIshida even tries to sleep on the same bed with Imaoka, which end up he’s being thunder-kicked down to the floor by the creeped out Imaoka. Lol. And at the beginning, since the pad only had one room and it’s given to Natsuki, Imaoka and Ishida end up sleeping in the living room, scattered on the couch and floor like beggars (the scene where Imaoka tripped over Ishida who sleep on a carpet like a cadaver is hilarious). And my favorite scene is when Imaoka strangles Ishida cos he thinks Ishida tainted his 30 years old sake by mixing it with ocha. Lol.strangleBut what both these guy don’t know is that the real culprit is Yugi.sake Aside to that, I also love the relationship dynamic between Natsuki and Yugi. At first, Natsuki hates Yugi, cos practically, whose daughter won’t hate her father’s young girlfriend, huh?!fam1But in the end, when Imaoka and Yugi broke up, Natsuki realizes that Yugi is a good woman that has sincere feeling towards his lonely father. So she ends up putting much effort to get them back together again by making tons of love plans and strategies that were faxed daily to Yugi, and she even comes to the office, just to persuade Yugi to accepts his father again.10-7 And I quite like the conclusion between the three of them in the end. Because Imaoka is no longer a stranger for Natsuki cos she can call him father for the first time in his life. While Yugi is finally giving him another chance to start again. Although I’ll be happier if only Imaoka opens up with his relationship to everyone in the office. But hey, at least it’s all win win situation, right?! So, Enjoy! Tanoshiinde! Lol.11-9

02. The Soundtracks
Omgeegee, drama, I think you can read my mind and playing with my weak spot, do ya?! You knew how I love Ayaka’s songs right?! Oooooh…I hate you drama, I haaaaate you. But I love you for giving me this perfect soundtracks…*sigh* Another thing that I love from Sapuri is that it has not just one or two, but (another) THREE!!! awesomy spot on soundtracks. The theme and insert songs were sung by Ayaka, titled Real Voice and Blue Days. I’m a fan of Ayaka since I listen to her song Okaeri in Zettai Kareshi, and I really love her other songs; Mahoutsukai no Shiwaza, Kimi ga Iru kara, Te wo Tsunagou, etc. But, what’s better is that, it also has an opening song clip, using KAT-Tunes (KAT-TUN’s tunes, lol…) titled You. Hahaha…I knew it, there’s no freaking way they put Kame as the main cast and Johnny didn’t do anything to shove down the concerned group’s song as the tie-in OST. But, this time, KAT-TUN boys nail it, for the song is so damn catchy and groovy. Oh, another thing, I’m a sucker for opening song clip.opening I always love if a drama has an opening clip that introduces the actors or characters , cos it looks more exclusive and customized, ex: like Innocent Love, Last Friends, Bambino, Pride, Majou no Joken, etc. And the drama scores are great either, which are composed by Kanno Yugo, who also did the BGM for Hotaru no Hikari and Innocent Love, and I love those as well. And I think this drama always manage to use the insert song and BGM on the right timing, cos it really builds the mood.
Peanote: pardon my stoneage-level of KT discography, but I just found out that You has a PV! Wooohooo!!! the PV concept is as usual OJS (Old-man Johnny’s standard) y’know: green screen-based, digital sci-fi-esque vibe with western caucasian people as the models.u-3And the boys have some sort of magical power such as anti aging and healing!!! Gee golly holly molly, KAT-TUN boys, you guys can dance, sing, act, and now, healing people?! Was there anything that you don’t have? Errrr…solidarity maybe?! Lololol. But I cant help to notice that Jinnie is so damn cute here (but don’t you worry, Kame, my child. For I shall never step out of your bandwagon lol).jinnie Omg, what happen to you, Jinnieboy?? Why you look so wash out and exhausted now? Well, I guess work not party hard lifestyle really takes the toll on you and your CM-worthy face. Lol.-End of Peanote

Aside the hunky dories, Sapuri also has bunch of scenes that’s bittersweet, cute, and funny…in a good way.

01. Fujii breaks up with Ogiwara (Episode #06)
rugby fieldTechnically we can’t call this a break up, cos how can they be? They never even official yet, thanks to namby pants Ogiwara. And thankfully, Fujii realizes about that as well. So this scene happened after Ogiwara got a call from his senpai, asking about his wife, Tanaka, and how he suspect that there’s an platonic affair between them. His senpai said that he won’t divorce Tanaka, but at the same time, he won’t forgive Ogiwara either. It makes Ogiwara all flustered and shocked. But before all that happened, Fujii once had lunch with Tanaka, and Tanaka talks about Ogiwara and their relationship in the college days. She recalled that time when Ogiwara heard the news of she’s getting married to Ogiwara’s senior, he’s so frustrated and practice-kicking rugby non-stop all day long. Later on, Ogiwara takes Fujii to have a dinner together in his favorite curry restaurant back then when he was in college. When they’re eating, Fujii notices that Ogiwara is all jaded and not fully-mindedly in the presence with her. That’s why she test him by asking him to take her seeing his college rugby field. And at there, he non-stoppingly kicks rugby ball after ball like crazy. It makes Fujii remember what Tanaka had said about Ogiwara earlier. That’s why she lies to Ogiwara by saying that he’s boring and she doesn’t want to waste her time by being with someone whom she doesn’t know the reason why she’s being with. Ogiwara is all shocked when he hears Fujii’s statement.breakupAnd when Fujii leaves Ogiwara alone in that field, she narrates that she actually thinks over and over what Ogiwara has inside his mind; whom he wants to be with the most; and how she’s actually hoping that he would go after her because the street is just straight ahead, she would notice his footsteps behind. But she turns around, certainly knows right away that he wouldn’t.no oneBreak up or not break up, to me, this is the coolest goodbye scene ever, cos Fujii is all look so independent with screw it, I don’t need a man anyway-straight face. This scene utilizes Ito Misaki’s wooden expression effectively. Lol.

02. Ishida’s cuteness towards Fujii (Episode #08)
Although it only happened for 13 minutes, I choose to savor the cutesy moment between Ishida and Fujii as loooong as possible. this scene happened post vineyard snogging moment. The next day, everyone gets back to work as usual and Ishida is all assuming that him and Fujii are in relationship now. So he goes all clingy towards her, smiling, giving a secret code in the middle of meeting, and so on. Then later, he comes by to the meeting room where Fujii is working by herself and ogles her with a lovey dovey gaze while lovestruck-ly saying that she’s so pretty, which makes Fujii all bashful about it.shyWhat cuter is that they’re engaging in a short moment of first name calling as Ishida repeatedly calls Fujii, “Minami” and Fujii is cute-ly answering, “what?” and then Fujii realizes that she has to work so she shooed him away, but not before Ishida whispering in her ears, “Minami, I love you” which makes Fujii beaming and embarrassed like a schoolgirl. But seconds later, she’s back to reality and starting to question her own sanity, as she mumbles, “What am I doing?” Lol.reality check
03. Ishida’s delirious fever & Natsuki’s expression (Episode #09)
This scene happened after Fujii stood Ishida up all night waiting in front of her apartment in the middle of rain, and he finally went home soaking wet. On the next day, Ishida comes to work as usual, although the relationship between him and Fujii becomes awkward. But, Fujii keeps reminding Ishida to study for his employment test. And, due to over study and the flu, Ishida’s body takes it’s toll as he faint due to mounting exhaustion. Seeing that, Fujii rushly helps Ishida and takes him back to Imaoka’s place. And Natsuki greets them with surprise by seeing sickly Ishida and panicky Fujii. As they lay Ishida on the bed, Fujii wants to leave cos she still got a CM concept to make, but Ishida pull her handbag that she holds in her hand while deliriously calling her name, “Minami…”. Hearing that, Natsuki’s face is like saying, “gosh, this is juicy…” Lol.wowOh, that lil tween’s expression is priceless. And she’s too smart either to not realizes that something is going on between those two.

04. Ishida’s Noble Idiocy (Episode #10)
What is romance drama without a noble idiocy from one of the main leads, huh? But despite all that, I must say that this scene is the heart wrenching part in this drama, and though I hate to watch Ishida being like this, but at the same time I love these scenes for bringing the necessary emotions that’s needed to be in this kind of drama. It happened after Ishida went for an interview with the company for an employment test. At first, he aced it through the concept presentation, but then he falls flat in corporate knowledge questions.10-23 The interviewers then draw the conclusion that Ishida is not experienced enough yet to work in the company. This rejection makes him all doom and gloom.10-21As he gets back to his internship tasks the next day, he’s watching Fujii’s working from a far and noticing that she tells her co-workers who try to help her the same words she said to him back then at his early work days, “I can do this by myself” which makes him realized that Fujii never changed; she’s still the same independent woman like he used to know. Thinking about that, he suddenly feels so small compared to her. So in the end, he decided to have a talk with Ogiwara.10-11There he admits that he’s just a guy who failed the test and not good enough for her. Ogiwara is all confused about this sudden topic, but then out of the blue, Ishida tests Ogiwara by asking the same question that’s asked to him at the interview, and Ogiwara answers it correctly. Hearing how good Ogiwara is, Ishida asks him to please take care of Fujii from now on.10-13On the way back, Ishida receives a call from Fujii that goes to his mailbox. And then he listens to it, as in the voice mail, Fujii told him not to worry about the test and they can keep working hard together and that she will cook curry for him later while talking about this matter, and so on. All this trivial talk of Fujii makes Ishida cry in silence because he knows that it’s time to give her up.10-15Oh.am.jay. I was soooooo asdfghjjkktgb seeing Kame’s bummed out face at this scene. I must say he nailed this part with flying colors. Boy always does best in acting jaded or heart-broken sad. Message for Kame: less goodie bubbly role, more broody makjang one, okay?! *head pat*

05. Ogiwara the good guy (Episode #11)
This is another awesome scene. It happened after Ishida left the company, and everyone in the office sorta misses him. While Fujii, who thinks that Ishida don’t want this relationship anymore by leaving her just like that, still stuck with re-designing the watch CM concept. And after a lil pep talk from Imaoka, she finds inspiration while out and about on the street.11-20But what inspires her the most is when Watanabe says that she can she how Fujii’s concept idea reflects her relationship with Ishida. It makes her realize that she needs to be more open to her feelings and she revises her design on the last minute. At the D-day presentation, Fujii figuratively tells the clients about her fateful encounter with Ishida and how it changes her. And finally, the watch company accepts her idea and everyone’s happy with the result. Ogiwara, who’s in the presentation team as well, finally decided to be honest and tells her about the reason’s why Ishida left. And then Ogiwara says the magic words, “Fujii-san, have you ever told him that you love him?”noble ogiGee golly, Ogi-kun, you absolutely had me at that moment for the rest 10 minutes to the final end. Lol. And Fujii is startled hearing that but at the same time she realizes that he was right. And to add the capital A to the Awesome, Ogiwara tells her that Ishida stays in his hometown and then he encourages her, “Do you want to see him? then go find him!”11-21At that moment I was squealing and nodding like a hyper bobble-head doll cos DANG! I just can’t agree more. Ogiwara deserves all the love he can get despite his prior wimpy attitude and Carl Wheezer-high pants wearing. Lol. Ooooh, I Laph you, Ogi-kun! *blowing kisses*

06. Fujii’s final(ly) confession (Episode #11)
The noble (sans idiot) gesture from Ogiwara leads us to more squeal-squeak-squee-worthy final moment, as Fujii this time takes initiative to get her boy back. So, she takes the day off for the FIRST time in her entire working life, and going to his hometown by train, and arriving at the field where Ishida just finished his work on giving instruction to the billboard worker. And then Fujii calls Ishida, much to his surprise cos she knows his new celly number. And then he flabbergasted as he sees Fujii shows up right in front of him.phone And then Ishida tries his best to act casual by asking stuffs like, “What are you doing here? How about your work? How about Beijing?” and Fujii calmly answers him that how can she go when she haven’t said the words she wants to say the most. And then she utterly tells him how she used to love being alone but now she thinks being together with someone is so much better since she met him. And she finally able to say those three small words that Ishida and us have been waiting for like 10 hours and 55 minutes that had been wasted away in pain and agony beforehand.11-22But I think this scene really shows a lot of emotion, especially from Ito Misaki. For the first time in the drama Fujii’s character looked sincerely and genuinely falls for Ishida. As for Ishida; there’s no need to say anything: it’s brooding Kame at his best. Lol11-23
Well, this is the end of the second part and overall post of my mega-angsty review of J-Drama, Sapuri. All I can say, Sapuri is a decent drama; a good spare time filler with a good ensemble of casts as well. It may be angst-ful and not all heart poundingly cute or sweet with it’s lukewarm romance, but every cliffhanger will leave you curious enough to watch the next episode. Your Japanese may-december romance collection won’t be completed without watching this drama.

Final Score: 67/100



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