About: サプリ (Suppli) Part 1

(Younger) Men: Can’t Live with Them, Can’t Live without Them

0Aaaah…it’s all about love in January-August, March-October, May-December, whatever you may call it. This popular genre is a form of modern romance; a smoother version of class difference; and sprucing up a conventional love story; which certainly also touch the softie spot in our lil heart for at least once in our drama addict life. That’s why this theme never withers for the new drama keeps being made from the same recycled basic premise, and most of them get high ratings. Then what about me? Well, I’m no exception here, since I also have that softie spot, and like I always say; I love cheesy-romance drama. But since these days Japanese romance drama is so-ho-ho rare, I just grab and gulp any romantic J-dramas that are right in front of me like a crazy Pac-man *gulp gulp gulp* lol.

The May-December romance genre in Japan has many titles to offer and I can name most of them, like: the bombastic 90’s hit; ロングバケーション (Long Vacation) that had catapulted the young wavy-haired KimuTaku to become Nippon most viable/sexiest romantic lead ever existed; 魔女の条件 (Terms of a Witch), which is dark and angsty but an absolute masterpiece; 僕だけのマドンナ (My Only Madonna) (…and I Love Her) with it’s pretty OTP pairing and the breezy college-setting love story; The noona romance drama-queen, Shinohara Ryoko’s アネゴ (Anego) (along with Kame’s ‘BFF’ Bakanishi) and ラスト♡シンデレラ (Last Cinderella) (with Haruma and Bucho, ah gomen, I mean Naohito Fujiki, heheh..), and the currently aired, きょうは会社休みます (Take the Day off Work Today), which I have to say, has the purrrtiest casts and leaving me in despair as I (once again) signing in on a sinking OTP shipping of Hanae (Ayase Haruka) and her older hotter charismatic colleague, Yu (Tamaki Hiroshi). So, among all this awesome cast-paired of noona-dramas, which one did I choose? Well, don’t be surprised for I’m picking the underdog; the most meh of them all, with record of 99.9% bad reviews all over the blogosphere. I choose to watch…*drum roll*…Sapuri (Suppli). HAH! I bet all of you like “omggg, whyyyy she choose that time waster drama??? I think she’s already, y’know… cuckoo inside her head…” Um, well, okay, lemme tell you the reason(s) why I chose this instead the more famous (and most rave) one like, say, Last Cinderella: One, I want to prove everyone’s wrong; that this drama is not as bad as what everyone said or think it is. I mean, this is GETSU-9 DORAMA for pete’s sake!!! The ‘it’ slot; the golden time slot!!! The slot with a drama that will make viewers scratch the don’t in their I don’t like Monday mental phrase. All this general public assumption indirectly says that getsu-9 drama = good quality drama; and I choose to believe that (for now); The second reason is…omg, I actually don’t wanna say it, but this skeleton keeps knocking in my closet, as it wants to get out…I, err, uhm…*biting nails*…okay, I admit… I’m a Kame completist okaaaaay?! Among the sea of hottie eye candy actors with swoony screen presence, I chose this skinny gremlin face as the object of my J-drama addiction. Goshdarnit…I just dunno what in the world is wrong with me. Lol.phone-iNow, what do I think about Sapuri? Well…to be honest… this drama makes me feel like a victim of false advertisement. Seriously. At first, I was all doki doki excited, anticipating and high hoping, cos it’s! Kames first! prime time drama! But turns out, I was served with a big chug of feeble executions. It’s not that I hate this drama; in fact, I want to love it, I really do. But every time I start to show the fuzziness of my fangirl avidity, it just gives me a cold shoulder as a reply. But then, every time I start to feel the hate for all the unrequited responds that was given to me, it is like, playfully tickle me, while saying in a cute manner, “aww, c’mon, you can’t hate me. I know you can’t”. This drama gives me a bland impression; a lukewarm feeling. To me, Sapuri is like a bad case of peanut-allergic rash; even though you get sooooo itchy and suffer from all the scratching, you just. can’t. stop. eating. for it taste so good. This drama is crappy, draggy, angsty but at the same time, it’s so…addictive. It makes me like, “Omg, this is suck cos these bunch of desperate office people are going round in circle…but I can’t wait to see what happen after this!!!” *hurriedly play next episode*. Sapuri gives me a sprinkle of excitement and a bucketful of…rant. “For two parts?” you ask. Well, darlings, this baggage is too massive to be fitted in only one part. Lol.10-6(Spoilert Warning: Super duper spoilericious!!! The beans are spilled and scattered all over the place. Mwahahahha!!! *crazy psychopathic laugh*)

First thing first, what the drama is about? Sapuri tells a story about independent women, their modern values, and anxiety in love. It revolves around Fujii Minami (Ito Misaki), a 28-years old career- driven business woman who works as a creative designer in Create Agency; a large CM-maker company. Fujii is a workaholic, always puts her job first, which finally resulted in a break-up with her boyfriend of four years. She’s lonely, but yet she feels hesitant to start a romantic relationship from the zero again. Until one day, there’s a new intern, Ishida Yuya (Kame), a bubbly, easy-going 22-years old guy who has to support his family but lacking perseverance in doing daily job. Ishida has a crush on Fujii from the beginning due to her friendly attitude towards him, but Fujii doesn’t have her eyes set on Ishida at all. Until one day, a sudden hug from his young talented-colleague, Ogiwara Satoshi (Eita), re-ignite the sparks of Fujii’s desire to start a new page of her love story. But Ogiwara is not all dream-boat like she thinks, for him still holding a torch towards his college senior, also one of the creative designer, Tanaka Mizuho (Ryo). As time goes by, Fujii begins to have a feeling towards Ishida. But at the same time, Watanabe Yuri (Asami Reina) has a crush on Ishida as well and not willing to let him go.celebrtSo, plot-wise, Sapuri is a one good office romance drama, right? With all the complicated love triangle, rectangle, pentangle, whatever. But wait! Hold it! Don’t get your hopes up first, since the real execution is not as swoony as that; for this drama will give you a lot of frustration. So now, what are we waitin’ for?! Let’s start our ranting session, baybeeeee!!!! Mwahahaha…!!! *fingers stretching*

The Fail-O-Rantma
01. Sapuri = Supplement = WTF?!
My first problem with this drama is that I can already sniff a stinking doo-doo smell of lameness from the get go, which is the title’s concept. The drama title is “Sapuri” as it’s a Japanese of abbreviated word “Suppli” which means “Supplement”. At the first episode, Tanaka tells the girls that every woman needs a good man as their “supplement” for their hectic work life. Ooohhh, rrrrrrealllly?? Yeah maybe you’ll need ‘em in small chibi capsule-sized dose as in pill or tablet? Lol. And the moment Tanaka said “a nutrient for being good woman” I was like…*silence*…pffttt…bwahahahaha!!!wtfOoh, ooh, I know what nutrition that these “supplis” contain: it’s Vitamin W, T, and F, as in WTF, drama?! They try to make this supplement concept to be as hype and modern as possible, but it’s just sounded so…corny with a capital C. If these ponderous guys in the drama are the suppli, well, sorry bro, but I rather take my dose on liquid cough syrup instead. Lol.

02. Sapuri: The Trilogy
So, the premiere episode starts with 90s style cheesy contrivances that will make you just go blah while watching it. Like seriously, it starts with Ishida left his celly on the train, he’s calling it to check and it’s answered by Fujii. They talked and talked, which so far still makes sense.phoneBut then, in a span like what, an hour?! they meet again and stop in the same intersection spot bcos they! got! captivated! by! the same! commercial! in the jumbotron,  but, they still don’t know each other yet!!! *gasp*

to the left, Fujii-san, to the leeeeeft!!!!!
to the left, Fujii-san, to the leeeeeft!!!!!

And then, they go separate ways but they look back for a while in a different timing so both of them don’t even realize that they actually do the same thing!!! Then, they arrive in the office, only to miss each other in a scooby doo moment!!! *roll eyes* Okay this is not feeling like a fateful encounter anymore, as it more like a pure stupidity. But, they finally meet face-to-face and recognize each other from the morning phone incident.finallyAnd they have bonding moments by name-calling in the library (cos Ishida has this young’uns pride of hate being called “baito-kun” [baito=part timer]), and they also has this together moment in doing some basic aikido moves–which reminds me of the elderly group who like to practice taichi near my neighborhood every morning. lol–At this point, I was like, “Okay, I got it. Now bring out the love, drama!” Buuuuuut turns out I was wrong, for all of sudden Fujii falls for…Ogiwara! Dun! Dun! Dun! Which brings us to the second problem that I have with this drama: the inconsistent-bipolar storyline; moreover, it’s a TRIPOLAR!!! Hah! So, after the spiffail a.k.a spiffy fail title concept and fakeful-encounter; we were fed by not just one, or two, but THREE story parts, which make me can call this drama Sapuri: The Trilogy. Hahaha… *sarcastic laugh* So, the first two parts of the drama are the story of two hot commodities “supplement” among these hopeless romantic office pumas ladies.

02.1. Ogiwara Satoshi: The Drowsy Supplement
ogiOgiwara becomes the bone of contention between two older grown-up ladies, Tanaka and Fujii, from the second to the sixth episode. “Really?” oh, yes, really. But don’t ask me about the precise story of each episode cos I’m actually starting to forget by the time I’m typing this. It’s all so vague and meandering back and forth, to and fro, makes you dizzy and ditzy, until you start to see one scene is no difference than the other. But I’ll try my best to describe this nincompoop to you all *FF rewatching* So, the Ogiwara Romantic Saga begins when he hugs Fujii cos he just so fricken lonely and heart broken while remembering his old flame Tanaka is married to his college senpai.hugAnd that hug turns out so effing magical, as it makes Fujii hopelessly falls for Ogiwara all of sudden, like a switch being turn on. So she’s all nervous and doki doki every time he sees Ogiwara and talk to him; she’s so obvious even Stevie Wonder knows whats going on with her. But Ogiwara remains platonic and professional towards Fujii and keeps mooning and mooning over Tanaka, who keeps using him as a boy toy and drinking buddy. Until one day Fujii gets a ‘chance’ to watch fireworks together and Ogiwara is all like, “oh, you’re so kawaii, Fujii” and they hold hands and looking shy together.ogi-fujii BUT BUUUUUUT…Ogiwara once again lowering down her hope by not saying anything about his feelings. And then they get another ‘just the two of us’ chance in tidying up scattered cosmetic boxes.of3And this time Ogiwara goes for the first base by kissing Fujii. BUT BUuUuUt…He once again asking her to give him some time cos he just can’t promise her anything right now…AIIIIIIIIYYYY!!!! this yo-yo sluggard keeps toying Fujii and it resulted in us being tormented in the same situation over and over again as this plot is like rambling tortuous scenes that are going round in a circle of doom. And to add the unnecessary mess, enter Tanaka to the scene, intruding, intimidating, threatening Fujii for not taking Ogiwara away.women Dudeeeeee, how can Fujii snatch Ogiwara as they NEVER BE A COUPLE??!! Gaaaawt, this is all so confusingly frustrating and tantalizing. And in the midst of all this draggy humdrum love triangle, we should’ve started to notice: Where in the world is Ishida? Why he doesn’t involve in this grown up romance? Moreover, why no one in this drama seems to give a damn about his existence? Although y’know, he’s just…the MAIN LEAD GUY for goodness sake!!! Ishida’s role in this round is so vain and uneventful. He practically just being the third wheel; like literally literally a third wheel.

Where's wally Ishida?
Where’s Wally Ishida?

Ishida’s contribution is just following Fujii and Ogiwara or Fujii and Tanaka like a damn puppy and being ignored most of the time. Not to mention he’s being nosy as well. Seriously. All he does is busting and digging information of Ogiwara and Tanaka’s relationship, and then being busy body by reporting it to Fujii, as in, what the hell?!! I’m really confused as Ishida is more look like a gossip tabloid reporter rather than a CM company intern. Lol. But, hey, whatever rocks your boat, drama, I’m just gonna follow through…*hands up*. But actually, Ishida is not all role-less, for he has his own romantic part that I can say, detached from those three baffling piglets love triangle. iw2 So, while Fujii is going balooney for Ogiwara, Ishida is planting love seeds on Watanabe’s kokoro; and Watanabe’s early cold personality slowly changing to be more clingy and desperate towards Ishida the baito-kun.wi-- But Ishida can’t reciprocate her feelings cos he’s just soooo hung up on Fujii. Meanwhile, after discombobulates Fujii around, Ogiwara starts to realize that he’s serious about her. But, in Fujii’s eyes, Ogiwara is not that hot anymore since turns out he’s just a plain wishy-washy guy with a boring personality; I mean, she even fell asleep while hearing his chatter about life. Lol.

Amen for that, Ogi...
Amen for that, Ogi…

And she now sets her eyes to the greener pasture, the early twenties baito-kun, Ishida Yuya. Which brings us to the part two of the trilogy…

02.2. Ishida Yuya: The Anti-Aging Supplement
10-5Ishida, the young skinny messy–looking intern is now the center of attention for being wanted by the the onee-san tachi, Fujii and Watanabe for around three episodes. So the game changer happens in the vineyard, when Ishida is told to delivering old CM video, and Watanabe tags along with him.gazeee And so, the four main players of the love pentangle (sans Tanaka) gathered and intoxicating each other’s mind with wine and brainwashing-convo; as Ogiwara persuading Fujii to start over with him again, while Watanabe keeps telling Ishida of how he and Fujii are not compatible together.00000000000000 And not to forget there’s also one on one forewarn smoulding and intimidating session between the guys and the ladies while bathing in the onsen water. Geez, this bunch of N.A.T.O people…*roll eyes* Then later, Ishida sees the wine with year that’s same as Fujii’s birthday, and he wants to give it to her as a present. But since he doesn’t have the moolah, he decided to be a vineyard labor for a day, but he doesn’t mind since it’s the labor…of love. Lol. Until the next morning he was busted! by Fujii and there he confesses his feeling and then they kissy kissy chu. So, do you think it’s gonna be all lovey dovey after this huh? oooohhhh… yes. For only around…hmm, let’s see *looking at timer* 13 minutes! Seven hours of struggling and enduring this painful circuitous angsty romance and they only give us the happy moments for 13 FRICKEN MINUTES??!! GAAAAHHHH!!! *spitting angry fire* You wanna know what happen huh? huh? you wanna know? Okay…let me continue this crappy sh*t drama… So, at the beginning Ishida and Fujii are being lovey dovey secretly, though Ishida keeps blatantly shows it in the office.loveydovey But then, when Fujii asks Ishida to wait for her while she’s meeting a client, Ogiwara arrives and seeing Ishida reads a magazine for perfect dating location. From there, he’s assuming that there’s something going on between Ishida and Fujii, and he tests it on Fujii by ‘congratulate’ her on her relationship. It makes Fujii fume out cos she thinks Ishida blabbed it all to Ogiwara. And so she confronts Ishida about it, much to his surprise and disappointment cos he never thought Fujii would be so embarrassed with him.conflictErrrr, anooo, Fujii-san, I have one question for you; if you think it’s so embarrassing to be seen or known for being together with Ishida, WHY DID YOU PUCKER UP YOUR LIPS AND KISS HIM, HUH???!!! geez, man… *facepalming*meetingAnd then, things don’t get near better, as now it’s Ishida’s turn to be the pain in the a**.  Later, in the meeting, as they talk about video phone technology for new CM, the topic slowly detours to how to express your feeling to your loved one. And Ishida figuratively talks about how Fujii vaguely responds towards his feeling and never give him a definitive answer about his rabu confession that day, much to make the meeting becomes awkward. Ermagerrddd, this piss-me-off scene keeps coming like a rolling tide of loathsomeness. At this moment, I dunno how to emote anymore. I. Just. Don’t. Know. *headdesking*8-3But finally, they sorta make-up and Fujii is finally invites Ishida to come to her apartment, and Ishida’s just going on cloud nine hearing that. Buuuuuuuut, don’t cha think that it’s too good and smooth to be true, huh? Well, the answer is yes, cos apparently Watanabe doesn’t give up, for now she’s having a counterattack towards Fujii…with tears, and she’s begging Fujii to give Ishida to him.rain Geez, Watanabe, what do you think Ishida is? An inanimate object? Oh, wait; HE IS an inanimate object, for he’s a SUPPLEMENT! hahahaha… *crazy laugh* And you know what’s crazier, huh? Fujii gives him up right away at that moment, without a single fight-for-love attitude! I mean, she hangs up on Ishida’s phone call and stood him up by leaving him waiting in the rain, all damped like a wet dog. And on the next day, she’s ignoring and avoiding Ishida as if he has a contagious disease. HAIIIIIIIYAAAAAA!!! *tearing hair + headdesking* This drama is a one big BLERG. Why can’t I stop watching it? Why can’t my hands stop playing the next episode? WHYYYY? *depression howling* But then, something happened, as Ishida got sick, and Fujii stands by him all night, it makes her realized that she indeed care about Ishida.09-09BUT, she still doesn’t answer Ishida’s kokuhaku, as she only said “you’re the person I can be proud of” to Ishida. Omo omo, Fujii, Ishida doesn’t need your motherly love-statement, okay?! Give him that three small words, gerddammit!!! But no, she doesn’t say it! So their relationship still hasn’t official yet. And it’s already ninth episode, and we only have two fricken episodes left. Aigoooooooo… seriously, I’m overly frustrated at this point. Please don’t hate me, but I really need to vent, okay?! *grinning*

02.3. The Real Supplement
10-1After two crazy pill-cases of Ogiwara and Ishida love debacles, we’re finally arriving to the best, meatiest, plottiest part of the drama: the final two episodes. This part makes me wondering (again), “why you couldn’t be like this from the start, drama? Why you had to give us nine mind-numbing episodes before these?” So, basically, the tenth episode itself contains more happening than the nine prior episodes combine. Hah! Surprise, surprise…This episode starts with Ogiwara will be mutated to Beijing to prepare for the Olympic project, and he wants to take Fujii with him. In order to do that, he starts by being honest to his feelings and plan to confess his love to Fujii. After facing numerous hilarious cockblocks from Ishida, he finally manages to say it on the street, with Ishida witnessing them coincidentally on the right timing.10-4 And you know what’s crazy? Ogiwara sees Ishida’s reaction as he say “I like you” to Fujii, but he only gives Ishida a glance, a fricken glance, then he continue his confession to Fujii as if Ishida wasn’t exist from the very start. Ogiwara simply doesn’t give a damn. Lol. But, you want to know what’s crazier? When Fujii gets back to the office with flustered Ishida (if you just watched from this point you will assume that Ishida is the one who got a luv confession from Ogiwara, cos he looks more conflicted than Fujii. Lol), she’s talking about Ogiwara’s kokuhaku like some el cheapo stuff, as she says “I don’t have that kind of feelings towards him anymore”. Omg, everyone’s here simply doesn’t give a f*** anymore. Ahahahaha…10-8But then, Ishida fails his interview to be an employee in the company which clearly makes him down. Moreover, when he sees Fujii and how independent she is, he realizes that all he can be for her is a burden, cos he feels like he doesn’t have what it takes to make her feel secure and happy. So, he asks Ogiwara to meet and talk, and there he admits his lost to him, and heavy-heartedly quitting the internship on the next day. But then, as this episode couldn’t be more awesome, at the day the whole office read Ishida crazy resignation letter (as he wrote it with brush and ink! Hoorah old dynasty style, lol)10-16 Fujii is so bummed that Ishida had leaved without even telling her, so she suddenly runs to find Ishida, much to everyone’s surprise. 10-20Geez, Fujii, if only you have this boldness from the start, we’d all be free from this sh*tty intercolleague love jumble… *rolls eyes* But in the end, Fujii can’t find Ishida and so she get back to her daily busy life, assuming that it’s all over with him. Meanwhile, Ishida finally decided to move back to his hometown to live with his mom and sister. And days go by, until it’s the presentation day for the watch commercial, and this time Fujii gives a presentation of CM concept based on her encounter with Ishida–to which I say is very good and creative–And finally the watch company accepted the design with a happy smile.11-12 As Fujii walks back to the office, the guilt-full Ogiwara finally blurts everything that’s been said by Ishida to him that day, and he encourages Fujii to find Ishida in his hometown. And Fujii really does that; as for the first time in her career life, she takes a day off and rides on train to Ishida’s hometown. And there she finds him on the empty field, all suited up, cos now he works in a small advertisement company and he just finished giving instruction to the workers to put up a giant billboard.11-14 And there, she finally relents to her own individual pride and able to say that three small words to Ishida. That scene, my nuggets, I have to admit, is very touching, with all Fujii teary eyes and Ishida’s expression as he’s been waiting for that moment in all his young’un’s life. And then Ishida said that he just need a time to gather more work experience in order to be a better man for Fujii, and he promise that when the time is come, he will come to pick her up. And Fujii agrees. And then they end the scene with (another) snogging session in front of the billboard which turns out is the watch company ad that’s designed by Fujii. And what I like from the ending is that, it shows that in the end, after quite some time, Ishida is indeed come to pick up Fujii.11-18See, the ending is so darn cute, I just can’t hate it. But I hate everything that happened before… Gosh, I dunno what to feel anymore….

03. Written Characters
Okay, now Imma talk about the characters. First we have our heroine, Fujii Minami; the driven business woman with a workaholic trait and independent attitude. Not to mention she’s also pretty, y’know, the still-look-purty-in-potato-sack kind of woman.fujiiFujii is an epitome portrayal of modern Japanese woman, who is individual and dependable, but at the same time really cares about what other people think about her. That’s why she always feels ashamed every time she got busted for being together with Ishida, which makes me so angraaay towards her. I mean, oh am to da jay, Fujii, Ishida is not an abnormal human creature with an animal head whatsoever, but she always treat him that way. *sigh* 1Another WTF from Fujii is, she’s always acting like an old oooold woman. For ex: on the ninth episode, when Watanabe is all like crying and begging her to give back Ishida, Fujii mumbles inside as if she’s such a big old hag sinner and said, “I can’t overlook a younger girl feelings” and she just shuts Ishida right away without any fight towards Watanabe to prove that she has that serious feeling towards him too. Geez, Fujii, you’re only 28 YEARS OLD! You’re not an 80 year old cougar dating a 20 years old youngster…*facepalming*fujiiiwell, I’m not gonna say much about Ito Misaki aside her prettiness. I mean, she even has that twinkle twinkle little sparks in her eyes. Lol. But the downside is that, most of the time her acting is so wooden and off-timing. But along the episodes, she slowly gets better…or maybe it’s just me that getting used to seeing her stiffy acting. Lol.

my fave Fujii screencap, cos she's really look like gachapin. lol
my fave Fujii screencap, cos she’s indeed really look like gachapin. lol

And now, let’s talk about the hero, Ishida Yuya. Hmm…Ishida is just a plain john character; y’know, cheerful, energetic, broody, easy-going kinda guy.is But sometimes, he’s just so damn childish, it’s irritating; like in the eight episode, Ishida—as I can say—embarrasses Fujii by saying meta about his feelings towards her in a middle of a meeting. Man…I dunno, I just dunno what to say except making my face red due to multiple facepalmings.8-4 And Kame; well, um, Kame is very…Kame in portraying Ishida. He’s really ordinary with the laid back gesture and entire messy curly mullet hair with turtle pierce (which is a good meta to his real name. haha…), and by far, this is the most unmemorable and set me off-character of Kame that I’ve watched so far. And I kinda feel sorry for Ito Misaki as he gets him in his…ugly scraggly phase. Lol.11-17But, truth be told, I feel like Kame is such a waste talent to be here in this drama. I mean, dude… he HAS the capability to portray an awesome swoony character like Kanzaki Hiroto, but yet, he has to stuck with this average joe role of Ishida Yuya for 11 fricken episodes. And sometimes I just feel like, he’s so…disconnected with other characters, appearance-wise. I dunno, but I think this is a project he must take in the name of old man Johnny’s command (isn’t all his project do? Lol). I mean, most of J-dramas always cast actors that have the same age with the role they’re portraying (well except for the chibi-shaped one like the heiseijump boys), and this drama does the same, except for Kame who was probably around 19 or 20 at that time. I know its just a minor issue or I’m being over-analyzing whatsoever, but Kame who’s being forced to fit and play the 22 years old guy role is a sign that there must be something goin on. Maybe he was told to take this role in order to be measured to compete with (or maybe overcome) Genie Jin Jin’s Anego, since it’s so obvious from the similar theme; the close-span airing date; and both Kame and Bakanishi are KAT-TUN front boys at that time. Hah! Whatever…

Ishida and his overflowing mullet...
Ishida and his overflowing mullet…

Next we have Ogiwara, the young talented executive with a plain-bland character. You know, all serious, high-achieving, know how to talk the talk and walk the walk, but at the same time broody, self-centered, and so effing wishy-washy.ogi-watanabeHe’s basically not a nice guy, but he’s not an evil second lead either. If he’s trying to be one, well, his way is…so 90’s. Lol. For ex: on the first episode, Ishida sees the exhausted Fujii sleeping on the office couch, and he uses her blazer as a blanket to cover her. Then later on, Ogiwara comes and have a pep talk with Fujii about Ishida scribbled design and stuffs, and Fujii casually asks him, “did you put this blazer to cover me?” and he shyly answers “yes”. Aaaahhhh, hello I-don’t-do-that-good deed-but-I’ll-admit-I-did-it anyway scene! Sashiburiiiiii!!! it’s been a while since I see your cliché old trick on a drama… good time, good time. Ahahahaha… And I also found Eita as Ogiwara is so…weird. I mean, he’s Eita the quirky actor, but here he’s just a forgettable vanilla second lead.break up But I must say, this is the best and freshest Eita look that I’ve seen so far among his other doramas. Even though his hair always looks like he just escaped from a wild typhoon, and there’s a couple times that I can’t help to notice the way he wears his pants is so geeky like it’s really really high to the waist, it looks like he’s wearing it almost right under his moobs. Lol. But still, I prefer this clear-face Ogiwara rather than buttcrack haired Hiroki. Hands down, baby, hands down…

So, that’s it for now. Thank you for enduring the pain of reading my angst-venting through this post. So far. Teehee… I’ll be back soon for the second part of my rant. So please, hold still, my nuggets. Peace, love, and don’t forget to consume your daily supplement! Hahahaha… Cheers! *glass raising*

10-2(つづく – To be Continued)


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