He’s Just a Johnnys Dirtbag, Baby…

suckerjinjinIn the end, it’s all about nothing but the music.

After five years of group training, four years of team playing, and nine years of fabricated friendship; Akanishi Jin finally proves himself to be a lone wolf-musician. Even the combo of five KAT-TUN members cannot eclipse his star individuality. That is why in year 2010, he bid his goodbye to his peewee boyband and embark an international solo journey in the land of second chance: Amerikaaah… *high pitch choir singing*. Our young lad Jin-jin dreams to make it big and conquer the USA; turning it into the United States of Akanishi. But reality pops his bubble; cos turns out he has gotten nowhere near his KAT-TUN good ol’ days stardom, as the only big career sensation he ever made so far was the news of his shotgun marriage to Kuroki Meisa (oh, shista anjella, among millions of better guys, why him? why??!). But just like a weed on a sidewalk, his career never cease to live as he keeps making new music up until now. And it all makes me wonder; how far this genie-boy has become? Did he already have his coming of age moment on his career just like his KAT-TUN buddies? Well, the answer is yes. In fact, he has riped waaaay earlier than his exes members, for there are no more color coordinated clothes; no more wavy flippy hair; and no more playful winky smile. All of them are thrown away in exchange for a bad boy indifferent fashion, greasy perm hairstyle, and me-against-the world attitude. But despite his decreased popularity, Jin can breathe a sigh of relief as now he’s the sole controller of his musical direction.jindependentgenieMeanwhile, the nosy and curiosy me start to search his solo works all over the web. And I can say that everyone is unique in their own way, and Akanishi is no exception. His music style is a mixture of hip-hop, R&B, dance, and electronic; combined with eye-rolling sexualized-english lyrics, since the dude has able to distinguishably speak ‘R’ and ‘L’ thanks to the language lesson abroad in the far country of Uncle Sam. Not to mention that he also did a self-made slang English words which is full of WTFery but he still does it anyway, just bcos he can. (Peanote: it’s time for….*drum roll* Akanishi vocabulary session!!! Japan + English = Japanglish, Courage + Liquid = Swag Juice. WTF genie boy…w.t.f. And I can’t help but laughing my ass off when I listen and read his slang of Hot + Witch = Hotch, which instantly reminds me of Agent Hotchner. So, based on Jictionary,  Aaron Hotchner= Aaron Hot Witch-ner…pffft….bwahahahaha!!! this is retard at its best!!! Omjayjay, Bakanishi, I don’t care if you can say the sixth sick sheiks sixth sheep’s sick a hundred times with perfect pronunciation. Once a Japanglish, shall always be a Japanglish. Lololol). And I gotta say that he has bunch of good songs and here is the countdown list of my favorites:

#10. Love Song–Jinnie angsty song about love and happiness. It’s quite good tbh.
#09. Good Time–a.k.a Hey What’s Up 2.0
#08. Heartbeat–A song about being possessed. Lol just kidding. I dunno whats this song is about actually and I’m too lazy to find out. All I know is that there’s a line that’s saying “you’re taking over my body” which indicate that he’s…possessed by his girl or, errr…something else. Hey, whatever you want, bro… *shrug*
#07. Hey What’s Up–Catchy and you can’t help but sing “ladies gentlemen boys girls everybody” along the tune.
#06. Slow–Awesome B-side song and I love the pre-chorus part.
#05. アイナルホウエ (Ainaru Hou e)–Cute, sweet, full of positive message. Such a rare kind of Jin song since he’s always all about…promiscuity and stuffs. Lol.
#04. New Life–A song about unrequited love, which is quite sad; Akanishi standard kind of sad. Haha…*cynical laugh*
#03. KEY TO YOUR HEART ~君のココロの鍵~–Ooh, this song is so catchy. Seriously. It even has lyrics “La La La Love song 終わらないtic-tac-toe / la la la love song the never ending tic-tac-toe” which is so cute and reminds me of Lang Leavs quote. Way to go, Akanileav!
#02. Slow Jam–Basically this song is about a horny boyfriend who anxiously waiting for his chic to get home so he can bang her right away. Meh, whatever, I’m just in for the good tune.
#01. Temporary Love–Catchy; a very very catchy song. This is about a guy who wants to be his girl’s last luv. And Jinnie asks us to squeeze him squeeze him. Oh-ho-ho, don’t you worry boy, you will be squeezed alright, tight like a squeaky rubber turkey…by your wife, until you stop making all that hanky panky songs. Lol.

can you tell which one is which, huh?
can you tell which one is which, huh?

Aside from the songs, I also look into the PVs. And I must say that Hey What’s Up = Good Time. I mean, it’s so dang similar down to the perm haired Bakanishi; except maybe the eye-candy level in Hey What’s Up is a liiiiitleee bit higher than the wash out-hang over look in Good Time. I think the director maybe has a creative block or something like that. But, Ainaru Hou e PV on the other hand, is a cute simple one which should’ve been breed more as a concept for his other songs. Bcos watching colorful positive vibe Genie Jin-jin is much more pleasant to the eyes than actually seeing him act like he’s the hottest geezer and then got wasted in the jam packed club.


But since my ichiban, Temporary Love, didn’t have the so called PV, it makes me want to find at least one performance of him singing this song cos I am simply a demanding watcher. So, finally, I find one where he sang it at 2013 Jin Akanishi’s Club Circuit, but I end up watching almost 3/4 of his concert (geewhizz…me so bonkerzzz…). And from that I can draw the conclusion that he’s such a damn lazy entertainer! I mean he has the right move, but he just won’t! shake! that booty it! Oooooh…I am so disappointed. But it’s not that I’m expecting something WOW from him anyway; I mean, he’s just a one sixth of KAT-TUN after all. Lol.tlGenerally, booming or not booming, Akanishi Jin manages to establish his own career path with his original taste and style. I think one of the key concept for liking his music is the less you know about him, the better. Bcos, if we can put aside all his diminishing factor that’s surrounding him; such as being a lousy family man, the grapevine about STD, him and his two stooges–yamapi n nishikido ryo–phone snatching scandal, etc., we can say that he’s actually a talented musician that have the capability to produce good songs. I may not be one of his ‘eternal’ J.I.Ps, but I like his music enough to follow his update for time to come.4

PS: So, Jin will release his new mini album titled Mi Amor and the PV of the same title is already out. Well, allow me to say…screw the corny Spanish title, cos the song is really really good! Even though the PV is an artistic snooze-fest, but hey, at least this is better than his two  prior twinsies released of the work not, play hard in da club-themed singles. Good job Jinnie boy, good job. Care to spread your wings to Mexico, huh? Maybe next time we’ll get a new Jictionary: Japaxican Edition. Lol. Here’s the PV anyway:

Credit: Picture #02 and #06 un-edited version ©takina1.blog132@fc2

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