to Brit or not to Brit?

1Lemme share to you all a nutshell about my music taste, since this is one of my favorite topics. Well, as you know, I love various types of music; but my favorite genres among them all will be Rock/Alternative, Acoustic/Ballad, Pop, and Indie. When it comes to singers, I have lots of favorites and most of them are non-mainstreams; like My Favorite Highway, Matchbox Twenty, Jon McLaughlin, Jared Lee, The Maine, Marianas Trench, Jess Penner, Paolo Nutini, and so on. And one of my hobbies, that leads me to find (most of) them is YouTube Recommendation Box. Yup, that simple. And through that too I come to love indie music, especially those British/Irish musicians. And now I’m gonna countdown about them from my favorite to my ichiban! favorite, hahaha…

04. Joe Brooks
joeBFirst Song that Brings the Love: Superman
Other Favorites: World at Our Feet, Someday (OK), Holes Inside, Five Days of Summer,
When I first saw that little thumbnail of Superman music video with him in black rimmed glasses, I was like, “Aww, what a cutie. Lemme try to listen the song”, and the shallow-me just click the video away. And turns out, it’s a worth time spent for the song is so good and his voice is very nice as well. But his song, Holes Inside has the deepest gloom and broken-hearted vibe; which somehow makes me sad, but also love it to pieces.

03. Kids in Glass Houses
kighFirst Song that Brings the Love: Undercover Lover
Other Favorites: Lilli Rose, The Best is Yet to Come, Matters at All
I can say that Undercover Lover is one of my favorite music videos of all time, cos I really like how Frankie Sandford messes up with all the KiGH members. And the main vocalist, Aled Phillips, really reminds me of Jared Leto. But aside from all that, the song is really rock. Well, all of KiGH songs are hard-ass rock, and those are the types that me likey likey.
PS: I just found out that KiGH is split this year. Bum-bum-bummer!!! Why it has to happen to such an awesome band like them? *sigh*

02. Steve Appleton
SAppleFirst Song that Brings the Love: Sparks
Other Favorites: Love’s just a Lyric, City won’t Sleep, Everyday, Dirty Funk, Jet Plane
Sparks music video looks so low budget, but it can’t overshadow the awesomeness of Steve Appleton’s voice, yeaaahhh!! And his album, When the Sun Comes Up contains bunch of great songs. The other thing that I really LOVE is his cover of Rihanna’s We Found Love which is so awesome with the capital A,W,E,S,O,M, and E.

01. Lilygreen & Maguire
liliGnM1First Song that Brings the Love: Ain’t Love Crazy
Other Favorites: Well, practically all of them
I am so-so-so-so-so-sooooo glad that I ever discovered this group. Gosh, I love them to bits! Starting from their first single, Ain’t Love Crazy. If I have to give you recommendation of which one of their songs you should listen; well, basically all of them are fricken good, cos Jon Lilygreen’s voice is so darn awesome!!! *fangirl overload* Okay, lemme name a few titles for you: Falling Out of Love, Given Up Giving Up, All I Care about is You, Hollywood, For Real (with awesome Irish accent story-telling verses), She’s So Hard to Please, Friend Zone, and the list goes on and on and on. And they’re also awesome cover singers as well, for they did a bunch of cover songs like Jessie J’s Domino, Iggy Azalea’s Work, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Tonight I’m Gettin’ over You. But my favorite covers of them are Cheryl Cole’s Call My Name and–well, it’s more like remake actually–Matt Nahanson’s Come on Get Higher, which is betteeeeeer than the original. Although they decided to break up on earlier this year (NOOOEESSS!!!! *batshit bawling*), but they come back together again a few months ago with a new awesome song. And I couldn’t be more elated. Go LilyG&M!!! Ganbatteee!!!liliGnM
Well, that’s the little countdown of my favorite British/Irish indie singers; hopefully it will inspire you all to listen to them, cos they are bunch of talented people with awesome voice and musicality! Woohoo!! *throwing pom-poms*

PS: A little feature for your pleasure from our countdown winner. Enjoy! 🙂

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