Got a Tuesday Blues?

1Most people gets what’s called Monday Blues, right? Well, that’s not in my case. I notice myself going blues not every time the weekday reaches Monday, but Tuesday. And I always have these major mood symptoms:

  1. I become crabbier and crankier;
  2. I become grumpier;
  3. I hate myself two times more than I used to;
  4. I become snobbier;
  5. All I want is to stop doing whatever I’m doing and stare blankly at a wall

I often think what’s happening to me? is it hormonal thingy? naaah…it might be a good reason for once, but for every week??!! Yeeeeesh… Diet failure depression? nah either, since I face a diet failure every SINGLE day, it’s not a biggie anymore, I’m numb about that matter already, hahaha…*cynical laugh* or is it because of my insomniac habit of always sleep at around 2AM even though I have to wake up early the next day like farmers on their crop-harvest heyday? hmm… I’m not sure… So, basically, this Tuesday Blues shall always stay as a case of my mentality mystery. *sigh* I dunno what to do to fix it though. Maybe I just need to rant on this blog or see more colorful cupcakes, rainbows, and unicorn. hah!

PS: Oh, and I didn’t have my morning coffee today, which makes me 100X extra crabbier… Grrrrrr… *clenching fist*

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