About: Kis-My-Ft2 『3.6.5』 PV

A Tale of a Very Ham-Handed Tie-In

pamperedI’m so bored, I make this post. Hah! Oh well, whatever. Before all the THNK fandom and KAT-TUN hullabaloo, I used to be a fan of Kis-My-Ft2 (Kisumai) after watched Tamamori’s drama, Ikemen desu ne, and their super bomber catchy song, キ・ス・ウ・マ・イ ~KISS YOUR MIND~ used to be my favorite. Now, it’s been a while since I follow their updates, and I wonder, “Mmmmm…what’s up with the seven dwarfs guys of Kisumai lately??” So I looked around the internet and I found one of their new PVs, titled 3.6.5. And I thought that it’s gonna be an awesome one like my fave PV of them, Unmei Girl. But turns out it’s so…hmmmm, okay, lemme give you a lil piece of my thought about this…

1The PV opening scene is the seven members walking together in a matching caste-based outfit (y’know three superiors and four back-ups) and they’re talking about I dunno, something related with BBQ (aahhh, that’s why they’re wearing an over-long napkin on their pants, you don’t wanna make your clothes dirty by spilling the food, right?! lol) 2And then suddenly, a bunch of people come and chasing them around, and they’re going separate ways (but they never forget the caste-division!! Hah!!) caste-chaseAnd then they’re running around and round and round, BUT, they manage to gather in the middle and…dance! dance till you dropOmjayjay, Kisumai-tachi, your life is on the line, and you still manage to dance?? Awesome…aweeeeesoooooome!! *sarcastic applause* And then the chasing continue, and the tension is rising, and everyone is hiding. But all of a sudden, there’s a switch scene which showing each member…washing their faces. What. The. Heck.

go wash all the running sweats..
go wash all the running sweats..

Bwahahahahahaha!!! This is the MOST awkward/ham handed tie-in ever made. And, no, I’m not screen-caping this from another video, this IS also part of the PV. And one member is clearly enjoying this too much.

Miyata, overly- self pampered...
Miyata, overly- self pampered…

I dunno what kind of contract deal they have with the face cleanser company, but puh-leaseee, can they make it less doofus like that?!?! Oh well…what you see is what you get. Anyhooo, and in the end they’re dancing again in the middle, and this time they’re ambushed (I told you to stop do the fricken dance thingy, it’s wasting time). soapBut luckily, someone drops the pin that read “Kisumai Soap”, and it was taken by some other geeky boy and in the end he’s the one being chased. Well, everyone needs their own pampering-face washing time too, right?! lol.

Well, this PV reminds me a lot with Matchbox Twenty’s Mad Season for a similar concept. But overall, the song is catchy (as usual from Johnny’s) and their dance moves are qualitatively better than the KAT-TUN boys for they’re more in-synch. So, good job, Kisumai, good job! But still, Unmei Girl is my ichiban favorite yo!! haha.. 🙂5PS:  for those who curious enough, you can watch the PV here

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