Winniewreck, Rainbow Colours Party, and Engrish Speaking Festival

111So many things happen in my lil world this week. It all started from my crashed Winniefred (that’s my laptop’s name. Yes, I name every inanimate object that I have and I’m proud of it, hahaha…) Can you imagine how depressing was that? All of my fricken data was gone!!!!!!! Boooohooooohooo!!! *crazy bawling* But thank goodness all my downloaded series remain intact. Phew~ (naoto saved!!) Thank God… 🙂 Next, as I told you on my previous previous post before, that I’m currently addicted into making loom bracelet. And boy, I’m so elated that now I already bought a couple packs of loom rubber!! Yeeehaaaaw!!! And so I’m making heaps of bracelets and I’m wearing them all like a hippy. So, basically I’m a happy hippy hipster. Lol.

so colorful...♥♥♥
so colorful…♥♥♥

Oh, another happening; Kame is back–on the news, not on this blog, since he’s always been the talk in almost every of my post, haha…–looking dapper, and BAM! No more Aaron Kwok hair!! woohooooo!! *throwing confetti* So, his new movie, Vancouver no Asahi is being released in Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), and he attends the screening event in…Vancouver (where else? doh!) with his costar Tsumabuki-chan and the director whose I forgot the name. Hah.

bubbly turtle and the gang
bubbly turtle and the gang

Awwwww, look at him, Kame the little nugget, all cute and beaming like a happy feet penguin; isn’t he the ichiban kawaii booboo evaaa? *pinching cheeks* lol. And then they have a self-introduction session, and Kame. Speaks. In. Full. English. DUN! DUN! DUN! *psycho-horror music playing* Secondhand embarrassment alert?? Well, my friend it’s a No-ho-hoooo!! For Kame speaks English nicely, quite fluent I must say and it’s non-gibby-gibber-engrish. Geez, you’re making mama proud, boy!! *sobbing*

Oh, and the full official trailer of Vancouver no Asahi is already out, and I must say that it looks pretty good and somehow brings me a nostalgic vibe of drama Rookies and…Romance in the Rain. Hahaha…*sigh* Man, I really should stop joining my mom re-marathon that drama over and over again. Whatever, here’s the trailer anyway:

Well, so long toodles! I’ll see you in my next post!

*news, photo, video source here


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