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When One becomes Two…and More

oreyama gang*me mumbling* I always see my sister’s hair treatment conditioner in the bathroom every time I’m taking a shower; I should have used it a bit for my hair before all of this…*sigh* Hey, by the way, do you know that bean sprouts contain a lot of vitamin E that’s good for your hair and your skin? Yeah, I should’ve eaten more bean sprouts before all of this…*sigh* HAH!! I bet you are fricken confused with what I just wrote right? You bet, my nuggets, you bet. That’s the same feeling that I got from the Oh-so-magnificently-artistic film, Ore, Ore (It’s Me, It’s Me). This movie left me hanging in a big gigantic “HUH???? WHAT THE HEEEEECK…???!!!” reaction, and a non-stop head scratching session like a dog on the ticks season. I think I lost bundles of hair. Worse, I think I lost half of my scalp…*sigh* Readers reaction: “Well, why you watched it then, dumbooo? “ Wowowooww…. Easy peasy…Wait a minute, before you call me dumbo, lemme explain to you the reason(s) why. First, it’s starred by Kame, okay? You remember me, on a state of Chicken Kame Pox a.k.a Chickame-pox virus? And I’d read so many rave and fuzz about this movie on the internet that said Kame act as 33 different characters, including female characters as well!!! Omaigawt!!! Is he the super turtle-boy or what, huh? Lol. And I also read that this movie won an award at 2013 Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy. Woooow, uh-maaaziiing, right??!!! Kame’s award winning film is a must watch isn’t it?…That’s what I think befooooooore……I watch this film for approximately 1 hour and 58 minutes that I could never get back. Okay, enough with my whining; it’s time for me to tell you an amazing tale. Hahaha…are you ready, chickies? Well, let’s jump to the absurdity zone!!! Whoop dee doooooo!

What this movie is about? Okay, it’s gonna be hard to explain, so don’t get confuse, kay-kay? Stay with mama, my little mcnuggets, hahahaha… Well, this is a story about a 28 years old guy named Nagano Hitoshi (Kame), who likes to google his own name and doesn’t have any passion or excitement in living his life.

Hitoshi, the original
Hitoshi, the original

He wants to be a photographer, but somehow he ends up working at an electronic department store with a bunch of weirdo friends and a bonkers supervisor.

Hitoshi, feeling pathetic...
Hitoshi, feeling pathetic…

Until someday, while he’s eating at Lotteria–seeing Lotteria makes me want to eat that gangjong chicken set with that sweet potato…gosh, I’m hungry now…*wiping drools* okay-okay, back to the topic—he sits next to a guy named Daiki and his co-workers. And that Daiki guy accidentally puts his celly on Hitoshi’s tray. Suddenly, Hitoshi feels an urge to steal the phone, so he takes it home. Along the way home, he saw on the caller ID that Daiki’s mom is calling. It makes Hitoshi think to try scamming Daiki’s mum by pretending to be Daiki, asking for money ¥900,000; and turns out, it works!

Hitoshi, from rag to rich...
Hitoshi, from rag to rich…

But since that day, Hitoshi’s life is going to a spiral of confusion. Because one day, Daiki’s mum comes to his house and claiming that he’s indeed Daiki. Moreover, Hitoshi goes to Daiki’s house to find out that all of Daiki’s face in the photo is his! Hitoshi, in shock mode, goes to his mother house, only to find another batsh*t confusion: His mother shooed him away, becos there’s already a Hitoshi in the house! Holy bananarama!!! So, the two Hitoshis—who later, the one who stays with his mom calls himself Daiki—befriended. Then later, Daiki found another “Me”, who is a university student named Nao (Tsukioka?? Lol. Sorry, sorry, I just can’t help it..).

Daiki and Nao, the other main "Me"s
Daiki and Nao, the other main “Me”s

Since then, the three of them become friends and named themselves as the Oreyama. (The “Me Mountain”—similar to mountain of monkeys kinda thing–). Before all of this happened, Hitoshi once met a married-businesswoman named Sayaka, and he mesmerized by her from the very first sight when she tried to steal a camera.hitoshimebore From that incident, Sayaka knows that Hitoshi is a photographer, and later on asked him to take pictures of a house. And it’s the first time for Hitoshi to use his Oreyama friend, Nao, to substitute him at the electronic store, bcos he wants to do what Sayaka asked him to. And Hitoshi got a big paycheck from that trivial work, for Sayaka is asking him to quit his current job and works with her. Hitoshi went doki-doki at that meeting, but as he walks home, he got beaten by her gangster hubby and his two stooges. But it doesn’t stop Hitoshi from thinking about Sayaka and stay in touch with her. One day, Nao suggesting to Hitoshi that they should create a country full of “Me” that he called the “Me Empire” so they can be friends with each other. Hitoshi feels a little creep by Nao extreme point of view and attitude, but he decides to ignore it. And later on, Nao gathers Hitoshi and Daiki to introduce them to more “Me”.deformed mes This led Daiki to believe there should be a deletion to erase the deformed copies of “Me”. From there, everything’s going downhill for Hitoshi and the Oreyama friendship, as the deletion is really happening, and Hitoshi, as the real “Me” is not escaped from this as well.

Okay, that’s the outline of the story. How many of you who think this is absurd, raise your hand! *me raising hand*. This movie is confusingly understandable and understandably confusing. Seriously, while watching this film, I get what this is all about, I totally get it, but at the same time, I’m asking myself over and over again, “oh, dear…why did I watched all of this?”, “WTF is happening?”, and moreover, “Why did I manage to finish this?” okay, for the last question, I don’t even know the answer, maybe my completist-compulsive is taking over. Lol.oreyama1If I can describe this movie with one word, it will be: absurd; two words: absurdly bonkers; and three words: what the heck. But, aside from the WTFery fest that this film has, one thing that clearly stands out is the atmosphere, which is dark and so indie-esque. The way the story built, the cinematography, the score, everything feels so raw and…low budget. Hahaha… This movie somehow reminds me a lot of 2000 film Happy Accidents, with all the quirkiness, the film score, and the nonsensical confusion. Both of these movies really bring the same vibe to me. The only difference is that Happy Accidents have clearer plot and ending, and the genre is romance. While this movie’s genre is…kerfuffle-knuckle. Lol. “But this movie also has romance between Hitoshi and Sayaka, right?!” Yeeeeaaahhh…rrriiiight…. Hitoshi and Sayaka romance is like a crop circle on a desert; so weird and dry. Even the kiss scene is so platonic (as always, Japan, home of the platonic romance) and chemistry-less. I bet Tinky Winky and Dipsy has hotter romance than them, lol. Mental note to myself and everyone: never expect romantic things from this kind of movie.

Hitoshi and Sayaka romance, the only cardboard cutout thing from this movie
Hitoshi and Sayaka romance, the only cardboard thing from this movie

But despite all of that, Ore Ore is a comedy gold. It may not have much funny scenes, but every time it has, it always successfully executed over and over again. This movie maybe a nincompoop, but when it’s funny, it’s really REALLY quirky awkwardly hilarious; it’ll make you laugh out loud. For example is the confrontation scene between Hitoshi and Sayaka’s husband, the awkwardness reminds me a lot of film Scott Pilgrim Vs The World duel scene between Scott and Todd Ingram; geez, that scene makes me lmao. But the whole comedic debacles in Ore Ore are hard to be explained, since it’s all more to situational kinds. You have to watch the movie from the start to make the whole scenes “get” to you more.

these whole scenes are so absurd, it's hilarious. lololol
these whole scenes are so absurd, it’s hilarious. lololol

Now, how about the characters? Well this movie has a loooot of characters and 70% of them are Kame. Hah! But if I have to choose who’s my favorite character is, it’ll be Minami-san (Fuse Eri). Damn, every scene she’s in is always hilarious, even her shape already screamed comedy for me. Lol. And I just knew that she is the director, Satoshi Miki’s wife. Well, that makes her Satoshi Mini then. Lololol *laughing at my own dry joke*

hitoshiI won’t talk about Hitoshi’s character here, since he’s just an ordinary gloomy guy; but instead I ‘m gonna talk about Kame. In this movie, Kame didn’t put any effort to be ‘visual’; he looks messy with the synthetic wig—which I think for the convenience of double scene shooting with the extra–and ordinary clothes. I also think that rather than being plotty and makes sense, Ore Ore is more like a platform to test Kame’s acting range and ability; and I must say that it really paid off, bcos boy…objectively speaking, he’s very VERY good indeed. None of the multiple characters he played feels two dimensional or cardboard cutout-esque. It feels like they are each a different person with a same face. Starting from the raw character, Hitoshi, to the other two customized main characters, Daiki and Nao, and also to all the additional characters as well. orecopyKame transforms to each and every character naturally, not just by look, but also by voice, how to speak, and also how to act and react; he just like a…Kameleon. Lol. But, if I have to choose one favourite “Me” characters among them all, I’m gonna choose Sejima.sejima I dunno, for me he looks like a mixture of Rambo and…Afro Ken. agagagagaga…

Overall, Ore Ore is a very strange film, but yet unique and original. And I think this movie may be a milestone for Kame’s acting career, for him to be taken more seriously as J-actor, as “J” is for “Japan” and not “Johnny’s” anymore. Is this film worth to watch? Well, yes, if you love fantasy/suspense and weird kinda movie that requires head-scratching and over-wrinkled frowning. Do I want to watch this film again? HAHAHAHAHAHA…no. Once is enough, since this kind of film will leave a long lasting memory in my brain. Oh, and don’t ask me about the ending, cos I just don’t fricken understand. What funny is, when I look at the internet to find out other people’s perception about the ending, they also DON’T UNDERSTAND as well!!!! Bwahahahahahha!!! Omaigawwwt, this movie is so retard, most people just don’t get it. Lololol. I bet only Satoshi Miki understands the ending. And God. Yup, only God and Satoshi Miki understand the ending. Geez…call me shallow, but I think I’m cut out just for cheesy cliché romance drama after all…

Final Score: 60/100

So, in the end, is he the real Hitoshi, or....?
So, in the end, is he the real Hitoshi, or….?

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