Loomie Toons and Looney Tunes

so-randomHey!! *waving hands*.. I just wanna share to you guys a few unimportant trivial things in my cheeky geeky world:

01. Behold, lemme introduce you to my first ever, handmade loom bracelet (I put some deco-deco on the photo too hahahaha…)2014-09-23_19.35.00ta-DA..so colorful isn’t it? so kawaii, neeee~????!!! (answer “yes!” or else…*clenching fist*). Well, I love to make this loom bracelet. It’s a new love, y’know and I enjoy making it, I even find an uber-kawaii design in this website that I can’t wait to try myself. But…there’s just one fatal thing that struck me…I don’t have enough loom rubber band to make it!!  aaahoohooooohoooo!!!!!!!! *bawling* Seems like I have to hold back my loom obsession for a while…at least till I go buy some some more loom rubber…

02. So, these days I really love to listen to this one particular KAT-TUN song, titled “Make or Break” becos it’s soooo damn catchy. But I just can’t sing along becos my dumbo ears can’t detect what gibber engrish they sang on the chorus..and I also not sure what they were saying in the opening after the beatbox..is it “bound it”? or “bend it”? or.. “Bandit”???? lol…so I google oogle the lyrics and…


turns out I was right..the word on the opening is “Bandit”…


….BWAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!! Omaigawt!!!! it’s fricken “BANDIT!” ahahahhahaha…omg I can’t stop laughing…omgggg my tummy hurts…then, I googled for the lyrics translation and i found it here, and…my oh my…THAT is one corny provocative song lyrics with a capital W, T, and F.

And you wanna know another surprising fact??

This is the B-side of Ultimate Wheels single!!!! lololol….doofus rufus, Ultimate Wheels; a single with bonkers PV and bonkers B-side as well…omjayjay…lolololol…Oh, KAT-TUN homies..your music is a guilty pleasure indeed, becos its so damn catchy. But, seriously, can you sing this line–“Yes, I’m bandit slip into your body, really want to sink me?……ready to bang with me?”–out loud while doing daily activities without feeling an itsy bitsy of awkwardness? I bet even the real bandits won’t sing it. Oh dear..how can I hate you KAT-TUN-tachi, for all of you are a bunch of adorable ninnies..lmao *wiping laughing tears*

a lil appreciation to our cutest banditos...lololol
a lil appreciation to our cutest banditos…lololol

For those of you who curious enough about what kind of song “Make or Break” is, you can listen to it below.. But I won’t guarantee that you won’t get hooked, because it’s so damn catchaaaaaayyyy!!!! ahahahahaha….enjoy! 😀

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