About: たったひとつの恋 (Just One Love) Part 2

field*It’s all about you…it’s all about you, Naoto..” *McFly singing* Well, hello again. This is the second part of my blabberish gaga fangirling phase towards Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. In the first part, I talk about what I think of the drama in long and wide post (sorry if it was too long.., bear with me, my luvly nuggets *smooch*). As you already knew that the chemistry between Kame and Ayase is supa-dupa awesomy awesome, not to mention that they make a very kawaii couple, so basically every scene that they’re together is soooooo squee worthy, even if there ever was a scene of them dancing polka together in flamingo and fruits outfit inside a lion cage, I’d still find them squee worthy. That’s how fricken bonkers I am about this OTP. hahaha..*sigh* Now I’m gonna talk about my fave squee moments and also memorable heart wrenching parts from the drama, in a segment I called Tatta Hitotsu no Koi: Squee Worthy Vs Heart Wrenching Moments (gosh so cheesy, so unpractical, lol). Now, let’s start it. Shall we..?naoto1(warning: this post contains mega spoilers, so, if you haven’t watched, you better not read it, cos I don’t want to spoil the fun for you. What? you still want to proceed? okay, there you go..)

Episode #01: 上流と下流の恋 (Love across classes)
Scene 1.1: When Nao called Hiroto “liar”
Squee Worthy : R u crazy, of course none!
Heart Wrenching: Stroking own chest thousands time while mumbling “awww..poor Hiroto-kun….”

This scene appeared as the cliff-hanger in the first episode. It happened when Nao finally found out that Hiroto wasn’t Keio boys at all, for she came visit his ‘campus’ and only find a bunch of unknown nerds. As a viewer, of course I know that this scene is gonna happen, sooner or later. But when it DID happen it’s kinda sad to watch because of Hiroto’s DAMN FACIAL EXPRESSION.

gosh, that look..
gosh, that look..

Oh kitty, he looks so sad and broken in this scene, it’s like his inferiority complex were taking over. When i watched this scene, i knew I’m gonna get hooked by this drama.

Episode #02: 手をつない (Holding hands)
Scene 2.1: Hiroto and Nao sorta confessed each other’s feeling and hold hands for the first time (mecchaaa kawaiiii!!!!)
Heart Wrenching: #$#÷%$ no way!!
Squee Worthy : Makes you giggling like a school girl

The second episode is one of my faves of THNK. Why, simply becos of the whole festival scene which bounce our main OTP back to the love track (“love track”??!! sometimes I’m shuddering over my own word choice. lol) orenji ballbut what’s uber-squee is when Hiroto and Nao talk about their feelings over that creepy orenji rubber ball. Nao said shyly, “I want it because you got it” and Hiroto said nervously “me too, I got it because it was for you” (me: in silence grinning like Cheshire cat) and then Hiroto (bravely) give his hand out to reach Nao’s hand, but she puts that creepy orenji in his. Hiroto smirk and cool-ly retry and this time Nao gives her hand and they hold hands and run together to the sunset (me: screeching like a trapped mouse and giggling uncontrollably). Dude, you gotta watch it yourself to feel this fangirl sensation.naoto hold hands

Episode #03: もう会わな (I won’t see you again)
Scene 3.1: Hiroto going bonkers in jealousy
Heart Wrenching: Nopey nope nope
Squee Worthy : Super excited!!!!!

Since Hiroto found out how kanemocchi aka uber-rich Nao’s family is, he’s back to the inferior mode and decided to going cache from Nao’s world by not contacting her at all, but when he saw Nao showed up in his house, he knew deep down that he indeed like her. But Hiroto is just too fricken self-conscious, he rejects Nao’s suki-dayo aka love confession on the (house) phone. So this is when the naoto gang (go naoto gang! go!) takes over by making bogus story about Nao and Ayuta, and Ko kept saying things that added the fuel to jealous-fiery Hiroto. And so it makes Hiroto going gaga and rushing go to Nao and Ayuta’s “date” location and talking gibberish about how bad Ayuta is. This is the only scene where Hiroto lost his cool…because of Nao!! omjayjay, how can it be not cute?! Its super-duper adorable ♡

"blahblahyadayada, I'm jealous, okay?!"
“blahblahyadayada, I’m jealous, okay?!”

Scene 3.2: Nao’s talk to Hiroto while they’re hugging
Heart Wrenching:
Squee Worthy : so sweet, it gave you diabetes

This scene happened after Hiroto kinda—sorta–confessed his feelings to Nao, and he added a sprinkle of words of a guy with self-esteem issue “I can’t say anything fancy.” But, the ever-so-brave-to-make-the-first-move-Nao, hugged Hiroto rightaway (atta giiiiirl!!!). And then Hiroto said, “I don’t have money though,” and she answers, “I know,” and he said again, “I don’t even go to college,” and then Nao answers, “It doesn’t matter, as long as Hiroto is Hiroto.” At that scene, I was like so touched by Nao’s sincere acceptance towards Hiroto and their cuteness moment together. It feels like finally it’s all an open book; no more playing I-reject-you-cos-I’m-not-worthy from Hiroto, because he finally knew that Nao truly loves him for who he is. Gosh, it’s so heartwarming…*wiping happy tears*sudden hug

Episode #04: 僕の怒り、君の (My rage, your tears)
Scene 4.1: Hiroto came to Nao’s apartment building and waited her outside. When he finally able to meet her, he’s surprised to meet her mom and onii-chan at the same time.
Heart Wrenching: omg, that face tho…
Squee Worthy :

This is the last scene of the fourth episode. It all happened because there’s an angsty misunderstanding between Hiroto and Nao and Hiroto’s mom, who told Nao that Hiroto is a fricken two timer. Geez, whose mom would ever bad mouthing her own son? Oh, I know, it’s Hiroto’s mama! *sigh*. So, Hiroto tries to straighten things out by waiting outside Nao’s building, since Nao and her happy rainbow family (minus papa dearest) are having dinner. And when Nao returned and noticing Hiroto is waiting for her, she rushly goes outside. Boy, you should see how Hiroto and his messy factory work clothes (plus his dirty oily face) compared to the educated looks of Nao and the fams, and how suddenly he feels so small in front of them, it’s so…sad. I really like how the camera zooms in to Hiroto’s facial expression. It really represents a lot of emotions. Bravo..brraaavoooo..*clapping hands enthusiastically*

that face..every time..
that face..every time..

Episode #05: 君がいなくな (You won’t be around)
Scene 5.1: Hiroto and Nao on the baseball field
Heart Wrenching: hah! Neverrr!
Squee Worthy : minimum scene, maximum squeeeeeee!!! *faint*

This scene happened when Hiroto and Nao decided to have a romantic date, but it turns into a group date (awww, poor Hiroto, he looked kinda disappointed..lol). And so the Naoto gang going for a field trip day to aquarium, biking and visiting other good places.

Hiroto and Nao, biking with swag
Hiroto and Nao, biking with swag

And at night when they’re about to go home, they stopped by at Hiroto, Ayuta and Ko’s high school building. They sneak in, visiting the classroom, and playing basketball, except Hiroto, who is more of a baseball guy (duh, obviously…), and then as he lies on the baseball field, Nao comes along, and they have deep and peaceful conversation about their past, and promise for a future together, and they KISS!! OMG!! ♫ ♬ I’m a happy camper, I’m a happy camper, lalalalalalala…♫ ♬field kisu

Scene 5.2: Nao asked Hiroto about meeting her parents
Heart Wrenching: merrrppp..
Squee Worthy : hard to describe cos it’s so sweeeeeet..

Gosh, the fifth episode unexpectedly has a lot of squee-worthy moments, and this also one of my faves. I already talked about this scene before on my first part review, that it’s about when Nao asked Hiroto if he could come to meet the fockers parents, and Hiroto said yes right away, with chill, not nervous at all, which quite surprised Nao and she said “I though you’re gonna say no,” but he answers that he actually not confident enough to go, but he will go anyway. And then he adds the magic words, “besides, I’m serious about you.” Seriously, who doesn’t wanna hear that from a dude you have a relationship with? Man, it tickled me with a great big “awww….” feeling. That scene is just a simple, but yet, delivered a lot of impressions.

Scene 5.3: Hiroto got shooed by Nao’s sh*tty brother
Heart Wrenching: one word: WHY????
Squee Worthy : it’s squee worth…if you’re a psychopath.

I knew it!!! I just knew it!!! There’s no way this drama gonna have all that sweetness till the end of the episode without adding the bitter sh*t, but DAMN, why you have to ruin Hiroto’s good chance to impress Nao’s family??!!! When everything gone so effing well between them… gaaahhh!!!! My Favorite Highway’s lyric described my feeling best: “it’s like she takes me up to ten, but she leaves me at eleven”, yes it’s YOU, drama, you leave me at not just eleven, but maybe a fricken million or something. It’s like driving on a very smooth road; when you have a good feeling about it, all of a sudden there’s a dead end, and “a…hoooo…hooo…hoooo…!!!” *fall from a cliff*. When Nao’s brother standing in front of falling-on-the-road-Hiroto with his degrading looks and shooed him away like a dog, it just breaks my kokoro, y’know. naoto makjang sceneAnd as if it’s not enough, the camera does another zoom again to Hiroto’s hurtful-makjang-expression, and I was like, “omggggg, oh noes, oh noeeeeesss!!!!” *tearing hair* thank goodness, Nao has a very verrry good initiative to save the relationship. You go giiiiirrrllll!!!! *pom pom*

Episode #06: ふたりの秘 (Our secret)
Scene 6.1: Naoto cuddling moment
Heart Wrenching:
Squee Worthy : just, omg…*faint*

Ahahahaha…I think this drama has a bipolar crisis or something; just before, it gave us super makjang scenes, and now more-adorable-than-before scene? So, this is how you say “sorry for the last episode” huh, drama? Fine, I’ll take it, not with a grain of salt, but with a bucket of sugar, becos it’s sooo sweeeeet!!!!! Kyaaaaa!!!! *fangirling* everything that happen in this scene is so natural, so simple, so peaceful and sincere. And when Nao asked Hiroto to say “I love you” properly, and he said it with a little shy, I just…gosh, this feel…*grabbing own chest* I just can’t ship this OTP enough. Totally speechless, but grinning like a mad clown and squeaking like a rat inside. Too dokidoki..Too kawaii!!!! Naoto FTW!!!! Wooohooo!!! *throwing towel*

that my friend, is a look of luuuv
that my friend, is a look of luuuv

Episode #07: でも、僕 (But, I…)
Scene 7.1: Hiroto hugs Nao after not seeing each other for quite a while
Heart Wrenching: random…
Squee Worthy : heartwarming

This is the only scene where I have mixed-up emotions. It all happened after Hiroto can’t contact Nao anymore, for her cell phone is being blocked by her douche bag brother, and when Hiroto calls to Nao’s house, he got news that Nao is in the hospital. Dude, can you imagine how he feels at that moment? He confused as sh*t. So, when Nao (after took a desperate measure by begging to her mom and flee from the hospital) is finally call him and asks him to come meet her–because she wants them to spend the night together *cough*– he just runs like nuts. And when Hiroto is finally able to meet Nao, he looks happy, worry, all mixed in one, and he touches Nao’s arm just to make sure it’s not his fantasy. And when he knows it’s real, he just hugs her right away tightly, like he doesn’t wanna let go. hugging tightGosh, I was like so asdfdgjkdghkdjghjd at this scene. And Nao is so confused, she just keep asking “what’s wrong?” and Hiroto just blabs all his worry over her and his fear for unable to meet her anymore and everything. Man! This drama ruined me! Too much feels!

Episode #08: さよな (Goodbye)morning kisu
Scene 8.1:
Nao’s farewell hug
Heart Wrenching: I don’t know what to feel anymore
Squee Worthy : ­-

This drama definitely has a thing for hug. Aside from how it loves to zoom in to capture the facial expression (which is my fave), all the hugs in this drama always represents something, means something, including this scene. It happened after Hiroto and Nao were successfully “spend” the night together in Hiroto’s boat (♩ ♪ the looooveee boat ♫ ♬…geez, I’m watching too many Sister’s Act, lol) and they bid their goodbyes. For Nao, it really is a goodbye, but the happy-clueless Hiroto just hugs Nao tightly and said “I’ll see you again soon” and Nao just speechless but holding Hiroto’s back jacket tightly. (I’m just..*sigh*…

Scene 8.2: Hiroto’s heart-broken moment
Heart Wrenching: just when I thought it couldn’t be more makjang…
Squee Worthy : ­-

As if this episode is not painful enough, “let’s torture the main OTP more, mwahahahaha!!!” said the writer with crazy psychopathic evil laugh *sigh and rolling eyes*. So, after Hiroto’s crayyyyzy mama blackmailing Nao’s papa with photos in exchange for money, Nao’s papa asks to meet Hiroto. There he tells Hiroto everything that Hiroto’s mama did, gives the money, and begging Hiroto for not seeing Nao anymore. frustrated hirotoWhen Hiroto gets home, he just drinks his frustration away and confronts his mum about the photos, and when his mom confirmed it, he just mumbles blankly “it’s over, it’s over now” to think about him and Nao. And then he goes outside to the love boat and tosses the ring that he already made for Nao into the lake. With almost crying face. Zoomed in. Gosh. I hate this.

Hiroto, heart broken
Hiroto, heart broken

Episode #09: きっとまた会える (We’ll definitely meet again)
Scene 9.1: The whole episode
Heart Wrenching: the ultimate!!!
Squee Worthy :

BEHOLD!!! For this is the ultimate test for the feels! The peak makjang episode of THNK! Just when I thought that the eighth episode is bad, we got so much worse, even the worst saddest episode. This is the episode where Hiroto and Nao BREAK UP!!! Officially!!! Ohmaigaaawwtt!!! Nightmare for the shippers!!! *batsh*t bawling*. And Kitagawa Eriko didn’t let the break up scene slips so easily, as she makes it as long and painful as possible, in a simple representative scene: on a boat, which has lot of means for both of them. When Nao running away from home, he finally meets Hiroto (thanks to Ayuta, the forever good guy), and they get on the boat together (not the love boat tho, lol..) there Nao tells Hiroto that she ran away from home to live together with Hiroto because he is the most important for her and so on. farewell boatAnd we can see how Hiroto really glad but at the same time feels guilty hearing all of those things. So he braces himself to make all logical reasons why she should return to the family, and finally he manages to break up with her. And all that farewell moment on the boat, where they just stand in silence, holding hands. It’s so heart breaking. the break up2And to add more break to the heart, it’s time fooooor…narration! Yay…!! Not. From all the narration in this drama, this episode’s, I must say, is the most perfectly placed. In the narration, Hiroto tells how he regretted the day he say goodbye to Nao, when he knew he could have say something better to save the relationship. And he also tells about all the changes in his life in the four years of the separation. The saddest part of the narration is when Hiroto said about Nao: “..for some reason, without any doubt I was sure it wasn’t her that had died, but what’s inside her heart, that is me.” Okay, whose idea is that to write that words? Dude, can I slap you, and then hug you after that? That line is so good, but also so sad. And that voice, that Hiroto’s voice…*sigh* *bawling again*

Hiroto, 4 years later, still loves Nao...and still smoking.
Hiroto, 4 years later, still loves Nao…and still smoking.

No, no, no, this episode’s makjang hasn’t over yet. And now we get too see the four years later, and Hiroto is coincidentally—fated to—meet Nao again in the same fricken pier where they spend their last day as a couple on the boat that time. And the scene is made almost like a comparison to their first real encounter in the college party, but this time, they had different feelings about it. 4 years laterIs this the time for a happy reconciliation thingy? Big N.O. for Nao is about to get MARRIED!!! EEEEEKKKK, I HATE YOU, DRAMA!!!! You should see Hiroto’s face for he is soooo in a bummer after living in celibacy for four years because he still loves Nao. And when his voice over said “right now, I am the most embarrassing guy in the world.” because he feels that he can’t move on, while Nao already is. And to add the wrenching to the heart, we get to watch as Hiroto drink his pain away (again) and getting drunk and another sad part of the narration, “how old it has to be for one person to be mature? Please tell me, how old do I have to be, for me not to feel hurt like this?” Gee…thanks for ruining my life, drama, especially YOU, episode 9! Yeah, you!! *tremblingly pointing finger*

Episode #10: たったひとつの (Just one love)
Scene 10.1: The night encounter at Hiroto’s old factory (oh, shush, you dirty mind! Lol)
Heart Wrenching: I just…
Squee Worthy : I just…

I don’t know how to feel anymore. What is ‘feeling’? Is that some kind of food? Hahahaha *crazy mental laugh*. Basically, the ninth episode left me numb to any kinds of fangirl emotions, and I just don’t know which one of us is more numb; me as a viewer, or Hiroto, because he said to Nao, “Nao, I’m not enjoying this (life) at all. Day by day, I’m working hard, eating, supporting myself. So before I become not cool anymore… please leave.” See, I bet even Hiroto feels how makjang his life is.

hiro-bot-to, living life in auto pilot..
hiro-bot-to, living life in auto pilot..

Scene 10.2: Nao’s confrontation to Hiroto at the farewell party
Heart Wrenching: so angst at Hiroto…
Squee Worthy : Go Nao! Go!

This scene happened when the busybody gang gather up at Nao’s apartment house to bid farewell to Nao that’s gonna leave to Hokkaido. And they’re having a good time with dinner and chat (and stealing gaze).

hey look at me look at you!!
hey look at me look at you!!

And as they’re having a drink, they’re reminiscing about the past, especially Ayuta, who (intentionally?) talk about the Naoto moment at the festival and that creepy orenji rubber ball. And Hiroto pretentiously forget about it, it makes Nao mad and confronted Hiroto for pretending to act so cool just to block people away from his life, and Nao—bravely—says to Hiroto, “if you don’t want me to go to Hokkaido, why don’t you say so? Are you gonna say “don’t go” to me or not?” And Hiroto defensively says that she can go whatsoever, and I’m just so pissed to Hiroto at that moment, because, he sucks, BIG TIME, talk about pride, whatever, but that was his chance to be honest to Nao, but hell to the no, he just didn’t do it. Dude… *facepalming*. And the party ends in a heated argumentation between Nao and Hiroto, and Hiroto leaves to add more cancer cells in his body a.k.a smoking.confrontation Out of context a bit, let’s say Hallelujah together for Hiroto who finally OWNS a celly!!! No more cave man!! No more smoke light signal communication!! No more house phoning!! Ahaahahhaha-hallelujah!!!! 😀

hiroto owns a celly!
hiroto owns a celly!

Scene 10.3: Nao’s letter and Hiroto’s last chance
Heart Wrenching: asdasfsgsykfdjhzvy…
Squee Worthy : omaigawt omaigawt omaigawt!!!!

In the final of the final parts, Nao wrote a letter to Hiroto explaining about every misunderstanding they had and how she feels the same about Hiroto even though four years had passed. And that makes Hiroto realizes that this is the last chance for him to get Nao back, so he…run. From his factory. To the bus station. Bless your smoker’s lungs, Hiroto, and rrruuuuun for your life!!! Chase that bus like you run to your friends in need with Yankumi!!!! Lol. And thank goodness, Nao gets to see Hiroto in the bus window and stopped and they get to talk. Hiroto finally able to asks Nao to start over again with him (yeeesshhh!!! Finally!!!!) and then..and then…he PROPOSES TO HER!!! As in fricken propose!!!! Oooomaaiiiigaaaaaawwwwtttt!!!!!! Gyaaaabooooooo!!!! *throwing confetti* *dancing, rolling, somersaulting* and the way Nao answer to every Hiroto’s relationship proposal fastly and excitedly..man, it’s uber-cute!!! And they sadly with no kiss hug and smiling at each other, knowing that this time they will make this relationship work.forever huggingAnd now, as the bonus (as if it wasn’t long enough, tsk tsk tsk…), aside from all the squeeness and makjangness, there are also a few (unintentional) funny scenes, that I found…funny. Hahaha…

1. Hiroto the caveman (episode #3)
It happens when Hiroto—in jealous mode—try to call Ayuta with Ko’s cell phone, but pathetically, he doesn’t know how to use it! And he order Ko to make the call, as if Ko is his messenger boy or something. Go, Hiroto! The ultimate 90s (or maybe 80s) makjang boy! *pom pom*

2. Hiroto mad at mama (episode #4) hiroto tantrum
I bet this is unintentional, and I don’t think most people find it funny, but I don’t know why I did though. It happens after Hiroto called Nao to ask to meet, but Nao wants to break up, since Hiroto’s mama said that he’s two timing her. So Hiroto rushingly take off his boots (because he’s at the outside part of the house, and it’s not polite, I repeat, it’s NOT polite to get angry with your shoes on!) and burst open his mom’s room door and confronted her. What’s funny is Hiroto’s mama reaction “what?” as it was more like “gosh, what tantrum is my son gonna throw at me this time?” and she only say “what?” with her hoarse smoker voice and lazy tone. It’s just…lol.

3. Hiroto finger shushed Nao (episode #7)

shush, my luv...
shush, my luv…

Just when I thought the episode #4 scene is funny, wait till you see the episode #7 scene where Hiroto is trying to stop Nao’s talking….by finger shushed her! OMAIGAWTTT!!! LOLOLOL!!! Gee golly, Hiroto, what era are you come from? Because I used to see that kind of fricken gesture only in the romantic scene on 90s chinese kung fu series. I know that scene was intended to be romantic whatsoever, but it’s just…bwahahahahhaha…!!! Hiroto is indeed truly an old dynasty dude, from technology possession, to romancing moves. Bravo, Hiroto, brrraaaavooooo!! *wiping laughing tears*

4. Hiroto and Ren awkward broment (episode #8) awkward broment One of the prominent point of this drama is how the busybody friends and Hiroto’s little brother, Ren, are helping Hiroto and Nao’s relationship to work. But there’s a fine line between being busybody and being nosy, and Ren is nosy, well, most of the time. But the most awkward nosiness happens when Hiroto, who can’t met Nao anymore–because she was guarded–and has missing her badly, seeing Nao orenji light from a far and rushed to grab a flashlight, but caught red handed by Ren who got awaked. And Hiroto is pretending like oh it’s nothing and sit in his room in the dark, waiting for Ren to go away, but Ren is just standing there, and so they’re looking at each other for a couple seconds. Man, the awkwardness…lol.

So, this is the end of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi: Squee Worthy Vs Heart Wrenching Moments“. I’m really sorry if it’s waaaay too long, but this is basically a summary of my excitement towards this drama, as it’s one of my faves. I really hoped that at least some of you can relate to my fangirling feeling along the watching, because fangirlhood bond is thicker than water. Lol. Well, see you in my next post about…something. Someday. Hopefully soon. Haha. Peace out and Naoto for the win!! *raising glass for a geeky cheers*

I end this post with a kiss..
I end this post with a kiss..

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