About: カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる (The Liar and His Lover)

She Loves Lie So Much..But We Don’t.

Crude Play

I was quite aware when this movie was released, but I’m not too eager to watch it, even though it had kakkoii Miura Shohei-chan starred in it. Well, to put it simple, when it comes to Japanese or Korean thingy, I’m more of a drama series person rather than movie, since series are more…approachable, I guess. You don’t need to wait for a loooooong period of time –like a fan of an idol who’s in military enlistment, lol– which diminishing your ‘viewer appetite’ day by day, and when it comes to the moment of availability, we’re already feel like meh towards it, i.e Paradise Kiss, by the first time I saw the trailer, I was like “ohmaigaaawt ohmaigawwt, Osamu-kun and Keiko-chan cho kawaiiiii na~” basically, I went fricken gaga over Mukai Osamu and Kitagawa Keiko, and my OTP signal was beeping like a fire alarm, and I was waiting anxiously when will I watch it..when will I watch it, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, until that moment comes, and I didn’t find this movie appealing anymore by the time it was played on TV one year after the released date. Blah.

But then, what makes me want to watch this movie?? Well, once upon a time, me surfing the youtube, y’know, looking for awesome indie singers that might come in the recommendation box. Then I saw Crude Play music video, titled “sayonara…..” blahblahblah (I forgot the full title, since it’s kinda long, lol) well, I saw the short version, and I was like remember that this movie DO exist in this world. Btw, a lil outa topic, have you ever wonder, why Japanese entertainment is so stingy, y’know, like, they always only gives you a short version of MV, even the official channel too; and they also always banned the show that was uploaded by the j-fans, I mean, c’mon dude, think about the foreign viewers y’know. They should be “cheaper” like K-ent. That’s why there’s a hallyu wave, not j-wave or something like that.

Okay,back to the topic yooo. So, as a starter/warming up before I watched this, I read many reviews of this movie in other blogs and website, and oh boy, most of them are all like gaga for this movie you know, saying it’s very ‘good’, ‘romantic’, ‘touching’, yadayadayada, and I was like “oh, reaaaaallllyyyy?!” and all of a sudden I become so fired up to watch it, and so…I watched it.

yeah, let's run into the sunset!!
yeah, let’s run into the sunset!!

First thing first, what’s this movie all about? Well, gather up kids, lemme tell you a storaaayyy, teeheeheee *rubbing hands with evil laugh* Well, basically it’s about a 25 y.o dude named Aki who is so fricken genius, he keep creating hits after hits for the bando Crude Play (CP). Geez, I bet Aki will be contracted in Johnny’s and the gang soon, lol. So, he’s so mysterious, he’s never seen by anyone, well, actually not anyone, duh… okay okay, let’s get serious; He’s so mysterious, no CP fans ever saw him, like evaaa. But he has a girlfriend, Mari, who is sexy with good hair and diva attitude, and they broke up at like the first 10 minutes, which is a very short relationship. So after that, he meets a cutie 16 y.o girl named Riko, and they got together in like the first 20 minutes. Dang, Aki moved on soooooo effing fast. But Aki-chan don’t want his cutie kiddie girlfriend loves him for his fame and talent, so he’s hiding his real identity and gave her a false name, Shinya. But oh,oH,OH! Cutie girlfriend Riko and his childhood buddies got a contract from the same management as CP and Aki! Oh noeeesss…!!!! Want to know what happen next, huh, I bet you’re soooo curious about this…not.

"I'm hiding my identity behind my bangs"
“I’m hiding my identity behind my bangs..”

Basically, as a viewer, we were being fed with the plot information that this is the WHOLE movie is all about, but wait a minute, my friend, there’s a twisty twistering LIES!!!! Turns out the whole identity secrecy thing is already found out by around the first 50 minutes, and this movie duration is about 2 freaking hours, so what the heck will the rest of 1 hrs 10 mins about? All I can say that it’s about…going downhill. It’s like you rolling down in the beautiful green pasture hill that’s 100km long, first it was all “wheeeee!!” until it was “wheeee…..zzzzzz”. After Aki revealed to Riko that he’s THE oh-so-famous Aki…..they keep going on with their relationship! no-“you liar!”-angst from Riko, and it’s all lovey dovey boring droozy, and even the climax oh you two have to break up if you don’t want the fandom angry towards you thingy doesn’t bring me any emotion at all, it’s all so..cliche and predictable, like heck, I knew it, how many shoujo mangas do you think I have read huh?! the rest of it is kinda disappointing y’know.

so much for teenage angst
so much for teenage angst..

And the end…the end is just…I know they “seal the deal” (a.k.a kissy chu~) at the end, but still, it doesn’t answer anything at all, like, will Aki still go to London anyway? Will the gossip between Aki and Mary bye-bye-gone just like that, and how Riko deal with all of this? It’s all hanging as hang as possible, leaving a big question mark, which definitely is a big no-no for the viewers, unless this is a horror movie! hah! I knew it! *cue high pitch psycho thriller tunes*…speaking of horror I found the last of the last scene is more creepy and funny, rather than romantic, I mean, why they should slow-mo it, y’know, because it makes Sato Takeru look hunch and Riko looks terrified. Lolololol… 😀

haha hahaha

Now, move on to my brief thought about the characters, first, the hero named Aki (played by Sato Takeru), The music geniuuus that looks lazy and woozy all the time, but as a dude, he’s quite boyfriend material, not swoony, but quite romantic, although most of the times he was so stiff and skinny like a twig in a trench coat, lol.

Aki, the genius, who looks like he hasn't showered for 5 days
Aki, the genius, who looks like he hasn’t showered for 5 days

Aki has BFF, the CP vocalist, Shun (played by the ever so kakkoii Miura Shohei) that I must say, without subjectivity, the best character in this movie. Shun is laid back, cool to the max, but at the same time very supportive towards Aki and even though he has chances to push Aki to stay in CP in order to write more songs, he doesn’t do that and let Aki do whatever he wants. And not to mention that Shun’s style is A-Ok! *wink wink*.

Shun the kakkoii

As for the heroine, it’s Riko (Ohara Sakurako), a first year high schooler with a tarentooo voice, and she forms a band with his 2 childhood buddies (forgot the names) that later named Mush & Co. Riko is bubbly, cute, cheerful, has mushroom shaped hair, a typical shoujo manga chic.


And then we have Aki moto-kanojo a.k.a ex-girlfriend a.k.a not so important role in the movie, named Mari (played Aibu Saki) which has finger-countable scenes, 1. Being flirty with sexy lingerie, 2. Acting diva in the backstage, 3. Acting diva in the waiting room, 4. Touchy-touchy with Aki in the rain, and 5. Press conference. The rest is forgettable. Seriously, I think Aibu Saki-chan is better than that, since you know, she has long list of dramas and movies in which she’s the first role, but hey, whatever bro.

don’t worry, I’m just passing by…

And then there’s Aki rival, Shinya (played by Kubota Masataka) who’s so stiff, so cardboard, I dunno what to write about him.

shinya, the cardboard dude
Shinya, the cardboard dude

But there’s some fave from this movie, like 1.) the soundtrack are all good, which of course it’s a must, since this movie is all about music, 2.) the cinematography color that’s like lomo color, it really brings a warm fuzzy mood, 3.) the scene when Riko meets eye to eye from a far with Aki and she just run and run and her bag just spilled out everywhere on the street.

whoopsie daisies!
whoopsie daisies!

4.) when Aki and Shun have a drive and talk about Riko. 5.) every scene that has Miura Shohei in it. lol.

driving buddies, yay!
driving buddies, yay!

While my not so fave scenes, like 1.) every scene between Shinya and Riko that’s soooo boring, 2.) the seal the deal kiss scene on the last, which is more…creepy rather than romantic.

In the end, all I can say is that, this movie is not bad, but it’s not the best either. It’s cute and sweet, but not re-watch worthy, at least for me. Well, watch this for yourself and you can tell whether you agree with me or not. 🙂

Final Score: 70/100


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