we're the groovin' 4, yeah!So, this is my first blog post as (my attempt to be) a blogger whuteva.. and I decided to give an itsy bitsy review of KAT-TUN (or should I spell KaT-TuN?) LIVE COUNTDOWN 2013. Why? Simple answer, my fellas; I just watched it yesterday, lol. To be honest, I’m not an avid fan of Jpop Kpop thingy or Johnny’s and the gang. But, what makes me, an ordinary ignorant girl, can stand to watch this hullabaloo bonanza  for around 3 hours? Another simple answer: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (damn, that drama!!) I just watched that series recently, and should I say I die-hardly luuurrrvvveeee it to the last drop of my fangirling chick-lit-melo–makjang soul. And I rewatch it all over again, as soon as I finished it, just to show to the world, how wigitty nerd I am. Nao + Hiroto = Naoto, kyaaaaaa *crazy gaga fangirling OTP shipping scream*. Lol.

KameOkay, back to the future topic; I kinda remember long time ago, or should I say years ago, that I sorta watched KAT-TUN concert DVD that my sister bought, I dunno what, seems like it had Taguchi in a cage(?) and I remember clearly it had Akanishi sang Moon River, maybe it’s Queen of Pirates concert or something else, I dunno. Anyway, when I watched that concert, I was like wth, so festive, so colorful, add maracas in their hands and ‘Volare’ as their singing track, and you got an annual conga festival, lol. And now, here I am, watching one of their latest live concert, and I must say that they changed a lot (of course, duh) like more…normal, which is a very…verrry good thing. And this is the first full KAT-TUN concert that I watched, so I guess it left me a good impression, despite their tin-can-creaking voices that sometimes so high note, so..pitchy, dawg *Randy Jackson style* lol. And not that I complaint, but they have a couple times of long MC segment conversations, which sometimes I understand, sometimes I don’t, well mostly I don’t, since mostly it was an inside joke, in Japanese, helloooo, inside joke itself sometimes already hard to understand, and it’s in Japanese *pretend to laugh becos of FOMO, and open dictionary* gaaahhh, somebody subs this puhhleaseee…. But since I could care less and less, I keep moving on and Voilaaahhh, bozo, I finished it. *pat myself on the back*.

a sense of accomplishment..
a sense of accomplishment..

Next, we’re gonna talk about it from my average viewer point of view:

Songs list : So, before I watched it, I search the song list in advance, because I only know a few of their songs. When I saw the list at first, I was like “holy guacamole, they’re gonna sing this much, won’t they passed out in the midst of concert of something?! Give them a break Johnny-boy!” because they have like more than 50 songs, which is very very a loooot for a boyband standard, and we talked about super-skinny-than-girls boyband here, lol. But turns out, most of the songs was being made as a medley, so they just sang part per part, which is good and summarizing, but a debbie downer as well, since I was really expecting to listen on how they’re gonna sing “perfect” and “white”, which is two of my fave songs from them, without Tanaka-chan, but, oh well, like gokusen students always said:  “shoganai yooooo..” so I prefer to enjoy the groove, and it makes me know their other catchy songs, which is a plus point.

artistic shot..
artistic shot..

Wardrobe: The wardrobe or costume, whatever, here were changed a lot, and I must say most of them are good and so sparkly-shiny-kira kira-glittery. But there’s a few wardrobe that’ll make you cringe, specially that muddy-green + pink costume, which is like they just dived into the dumpster and get called out immediately to perform, and, to add more cheezzzyyyness into the performance, let’s add Marilyn Monroe winds, they said, and there you go, ladies and germs, a total train wreck fashion, and I dunno why, but Nakamaru’s skinny twiggy arms never fail to make me laugh lolololol… go muddy green-pinky-dumpster costume! Ale Ale Ale!

yeah gimme a skirt!
yeah gimme a skirt!
awkward entrance
who wore it best? me or bambooooo..?
who wore it best? me or bambooooo..?

Not to mention there’s one fricken kimono that looks like it was stitched up from 50 geishas’ dresses all in one, geez…

pajama partyAnd I guess they really like to double their clothes, and you can clearly see how uncomfy it must be felt, I mean, they look like they’re so fricken cold and about to go to Antartica, though it was in the midst of the concert, and they’re sweating like a NBA player, plus Kame is wearing an aviator for fan service, with the long shaggy hair, imagine, my friends, how hot they are, literally. Ugh…

Akanishi, is that you?
Akanishi, is that you?

Stage:  The stage I must said was superbly awesooome, lots of wateeerrr and faiyaaahhh, which is so spectacularly Johnny’s, and they have like escalator stages which can move up down left right. So high budget and so extravagant. Thumbs up-o!2118

The Members: First of all, I want to give a great big huggable bear hug to the hair stylist-tachi because they manage to give the 4 of them good hairstyles. I mean, none of them look uglay or fashion victimized;  good job…gooood job.23 15 22 12And I must say that, despite Kame is the motor(cycle, lol) of the group and the most prominent member, he doesn’t look like one, since every member seems to have each and their own spotlight, you know, so basically it’s all fair, unlike Kis-My-Ft2 with their cray cray 4-3 formation. Although each of the member has their own prominency which sometimes makes me facepalming a bit, like Nakamaru and his awkward posture, plus a little hunchy-backy that makes him look like 70 years old oji-chan, and Taguchi that’s so fired up, so in the zone, that when in one of the dance routine he kicked so high, I’m afraid it’ll send the members flying and become a liiiiiittle light spot in the sky, lol. And Ueda, which I dunno, seems the less prominent among the members and so out of place in the MC segment, and Kame, oh Kame, the swaggy little turtle, that’s so sexy…in all the wrong way, lol.

my reaction everytime..
my reaction everytime..

I dunno how to react when he was like shaking his hips (or ass), which makes me as a viewer feels the secondhand embarrassment, I dunno, maybe it’s just me though, cos all of the fans are screaming crayzaay, like “yeah, boy, you got it, boy!” lol..while facepalming again for the zillion times.

There goes my Hiroto…*sigh*
There goes my Hiroto…*sigh*

And now for some of my faves:

Nakamaru’s beatbox:  dang, dude, despite the awkward ojichan posture, his beatbox is awesomey awesome, I think KAT-TUN should sing acapella with only his beatbox sometimes, because that will be awesome (and lower notes, please, because we def don’t wanna hear the pitchy nosy voicey, haha..)

Nakamaru whut
wait, lemme turn on my hearing aid first..

ON & ON: call them tin-can cat-scratching voice or whatever, but one thing fo’ sho’, bro, that “ON & ON” song is so daaaaaamn catchy, geez it hooked my ears from the very  first time I listened to it. Have you ever watched that Spongebob’s episode, where spongebob heard a song so catchy it makes a catchy bug which is an old grumpy worm stays inside his brain and infected his work at KK? Yeah, I got that catchy worm too because of that song, but I still can function well, though, thank God..and also their performance of this song is so laid back, so, fun and bubblegum. It’s my fave perf of them from this concert.

on n onOverall, it’s a very good and enjoyable concert, even for me, who barely a hyphen. It’s full of catchy songs and funny cringe worthy moments (unintentionally, hahaha..). It’s worth to watch. So, what are you waiting for?! Go watch it, people!! 😀

c’mon, u know u want it..

and for a little PS from me, why don’t you check yourself the perf of KAT-TUN “ON & ON” uploaded by kato hyphen on youtube:


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